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Saturday Malifaux, August 13, South Bend, IN


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Malifaux Saturday


Date: August 13, 2016

Place: Fantasy Games 52025 State Route 933 South Bend, IN 46637

Time: Registration noon-12:30pm EST. 1st round starts at 12:45pm EDT (see below for full schedule)

Fee: $0

Player Limit: 16.  To reserve your spot, please post in facebook event or Wyrd Forum.  Spots reserved on first come basis.

Encounter Size: 50ss, NOT Fixed Faction because this is only a 1 round tournament. This way players may play which ever faction they choose for the optional additional games.

Painting Requirement and Proxy/Conversions: refer to Gaining Grounds 2016 for Proxy/Conversions.  No Painting Requirements. 

Scoring: Domination Format (TP/Diff/VP).  Ties broken by best of three card flips. 

Pairings: Random pairings for the 1 round Tournament.  Future round pairings will be determined by player issued challenges. 

Prize Support: Wyrd Tournament Prize Pack (1st place certificate and guilder; 2nd place certificate and guilder; 3rd place certificate and guilder; 4th-16th places guilders; mystery box and stat card raffles)

Questions: Contact Cheryl through facebook event or Wyrd forums (ckucharski12)

Event Schedule (all times EDT):

12:00pm-12:30pm: Registration/Set-Up

12:45pm-2:30pm: Round 1. Last turn will be called at 2:20pm.

2:45: Awards

Future Rounds participated in by player choice with pairings determined by player issued challenges.


Round 1:

Deployment: Corner

Strategy: Reckoning

Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Leave Your Mark, Show of Force, Inspection, A Quick Murder



Round 2 (optional):

Deployment: Flank

Strategy: Extraction

Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Leave Your Mark, Exhaust Their Forces, Public Demonstration, Frame For Murder



Round 3 (optional):

Deployment: Standard

Strategy:  Interference

Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Take Prisoner, Set Up, Search the Ruins


Round 4 (optional):

Deployment: Corner

Strategy:  Turf War

Scheme Pool: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Covert Breakthrough, Occupy Their Turf



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