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[Luxembourg] Syrenfaux Season Leagues part 2 in Syren (Le cercle d'Aléa)


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We'll be holding part 2 of our monthly league in Syren starting on October 1st 2016 and ending on October 31st 2016.

League games are played on Friday evening or Saturday afternoons at the Club
Le Cercle d'Aléa
Place de l'Eglise
L-5899 Syren

Players score League Points in 2 categories:

        I.            Hobby achievements and casual gaming:

1 LP - Play a game of Malifaux

Once per month achievements

5 LP - All figures used in casual and competitive games were painted and based

5 LP - Paint a crew box*

3 LP - Play with a newly painted figure not sold in a crew box*

* Achievements involving painting, follow 4 rules, the mini/crew box was not painted at the start of the league, it has to be painted by the player claiming the points, everything has to be based and each crew box or single miniature type only scores once during the league.

      II.            Competitive gaming

2 - LP Play a 50ss League Game of Malifaux (Gaining Grounds 2016 document)

+1 LP - for winning that game

è Competitive games have to be agreed upon with your opponent beforehand with an agreed time limit of 2 or up to 3 hours. Players will report Factions, Masters, and the final score after each game. A form for this purpose will be kept at the club.

è In the case of 3 or more players attending for competitive play, the Henchman reserves the right to assign opponents randomly, or according to the win-loss ratios or just numbers of competitive games played; favoring those with fewer played games.

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