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The Wanderer Returns: Firestorm Games Campaign

Bucket Monkey

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After the tournament practice in the run to our first GG2016 tournament at Gertfaux, we will wind down and relax  at Firestorm Games with the next campaign before the run to Deliverance 6 and the return of Enlightenment.

Team Scum present The Wanderer Returns: Firestorm Games Store Campaign

This will be a 8 week campaign starting on Monday 15th March.  


End of campaign results from all the results I saw posted. 

Will get the certificates to the top 3 when I next am down. Probably in 3 weeks when my Tuesday course I've been doing since September finally finishes during the next half term. But before if I can wing it. 

Will continue to keep track of results for the next 8 weeks to continue the in Store campaign. Just tag me in any results posts if you can  

1.  Neil: CP 20, played 9, won 6, lost 1, Drew  2. Total vp 74, vp diff +42

2 Jon: CP 12, played 6, won 4, lost 2. Total vp 33, vp diff +7

3 Dom: CP 10, played 8, won 4, lost 2
E, Drew 1. Total vp 59, vp diff +4

4.  Morgan:  CP 9, Played 6 Won 3, Lost 3. Total VP 41 VP Diff +7

5. Liam: CP 9, Played 4, Won 3, lost 1, Total VP 28, VP Diff -3

6. Joe: CP 6 played 5, Won 2, lost 3. Total vp 27, vp diff -5

7. Mike Hartman: CP 4 played 5, Won 1, drew 1lost 3. Total vp 30, vp diff -11.

8. Rob: CP 3, played 2, won 1,lost 1.  Total VP 10, VP diff -4. 

9 Jay: CP 3Played 5, Won 1, Lost 4,Total VP 18 VP Diff -16

10 Mike Rowe:CP 0 played 1, lost 1. , total vp 8 vp diff -2. 

11. Michael green: CP 0, played 2, lost 2. Total vp 9,vp diff -10

Weekly results will be posted on here and the Firestorm Irregulars Facebook page after all the weeks results are in. .

results need to be posted either in her or on FB for me to collate at week end. I will put a reminder up.   


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The Wanderer Returns: Week 1

The weekly event for the first week is 'a sinners prayer'. At the end of every encounter flip a card for every model finished off. This may not be cheated. If you flip a 10 or higher you do not flip for injury and gain 3 scrip. 

As I didn't flip at Gertfaux The first person to reply either on Facebook or the boards with their starting crew will receive Edict as part of the wandering relic part of the campaign. If you lose a game it transfers from the player who lost.

There will be a prize for 1st and I'll do something for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and maybe last. Probably a certificate/spoon but we'll see. 

You can post starting crews in this thread so we can all keep track. 

My starting crew will be...

Captain Dashel 
3 Guild Guard
Guard Sergeant
Guild Pathfinder
2 scrip taken over

I know It isn't 10T. I wanted to try dashel and guild guard out as I've not played them much in M2E. 



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