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Through the Breach for Dummies


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Hey everyone!

I've recently become interested in the Through the Breach RPG, as I love the whole world and lore behind Malifaux. I have little to no experience with Malifaux's card mechanics, but am learning those. My main reason for posting is to find resources that can help define and teach the game Through the Breach to new players and game masters. I'm experienced in game mastering, having played/ran D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, as are a majority of the players I have interested in learning the game, however, the mechanics of this game from what I've learned in the Fated Almanac aren't very easy to pick up. I've already found GMort's page that helps with character creation, though I feel this doesn't simplify the hows and whys very well.

Here's what I'm looking for:

-Easy, well defined rules for character generation

-A reference guide to the various terms, symbols, and meanings prevalent in this game system

-A basic guide to how to play the game, including key rules for combat, skill checks, etc.

-Tips and tricks for a new Fatemaster (myself)

-Recommendations to video sources about Through the Breach

I'm rather shocked that there is next to no content on Youtube about Through the Breach save for a couple videos by Voices of Mars, the Alpha character build video by the creators of the game, and one or two reviews, yet can find tons of Malifaux content along the lines of battle reports and so on. While I'm sure I'm not the first to post questions of this nature, my hope is to find various sources that I can provide to new players interested in this game, as this setting is too good to pass up, and I don't want to invest even more time converting this system to D20 or percentile when a mechanic is already in place that adds to the flavor of the game. Any help you guys can offer would be a big help and much appreciated.

My biggest hope is once I can acquire this information and understand the game properly, I can pass it on to other who may have never heard of this game before through a podcast series my group and I are in the works of producing, which (hopefully) will include all the helpful info that I can find here on the forums and linked sources.

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I was actually noticing that when I was running the game online and off. It is an odd sort of duck especially in a world where dice games and obvious character builds tend to be a big deal. The fluidity of pursuits from session to session and the low low xp count is also something that I found were sticking points.

Heck, I remember the station skill and the choice on xp or free point for skills that players didn't really want required a few explanations to click.

If you're working on this, I'd love to offer my help!

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