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"Hidden Schemes" Campaign 3/2 – 4/6 in Bloomington, IL


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Welcome to the next chapter in the Red Raccoon Games Malifaux M2E campaigns!

This campaign will be a casual, fun event for both new and experience Malifaux players over multiple weeks. Players will start with a small crew lead by a Henchman looking to make it big in Malifaux and growing to be the best crew with the swankiest Hideout this side of the Bayou and Malifaux City!

Players will be able to continue the tales of fortune and fate from our last campaign or start anew with all new crews and adventures.

The campaign will last for 6 weeks and over that time your models will gain injuries, curses, find unique weapons and learn new skills. Campaign games are played using the same rules as normal Malifaux, but after the game is finished, you will determine what happened to your injured crew members and try to find new upgrades for the survivors in the way of Skills and Equipment. These changes to your crew will carry over from game to game until the Campaign is completed. In addition to this, there will sometimes be Campaign events which affect the game, such as special terrain, scenarios, or other fun challenges.

Games are not required to be played at the store but the usual Wednesday night (5:30pm to Close) and Saturday morning (10am to 1pm) times will be available for people to show up for pick-up games or arrange plans in advance. A Player must have their campaign sheet initialed by their opponent for their points to count.

Location: Red Raccoon Games, Bloomington, IL


This campaign will be free to play.


Campaign Duration and Schedule

The campaign will run for 6 weeks, starting on March 2nd and completing April 6th. Each Wednesday night will be the weekly event night and signify the start of a new week and a new event will be announced.


Campaign Rules

Starting Crew Requirements

The first Wednesday (March 2nd) each player will declare a single faction for the campaign and hire their models. The players’ starting arsenal will consist of up to 45 Soulstones of models including a single Henchman as your declared Leader (using the cost of the henchman) and a maximum 2 non-campaign upgrade which can be assigned to a model in your arsenal. Masters may not be hired at this time. They can be earned in later weeks according to the campaign rules.

As part of the starting crew, a player which played in the previous "Shifting Loyalties" campaign may include a single non-master model from their previous crew in their starting crew purchases.  They may also include one non-rare 1 upgrade which was associated with that model.  (all previous injuries they may have suffered are removed)

Each crew may also start with a single bounty selected for free.

Hide Outs

At the start of the campaign each player chooses a specific type of Hide Out they will be building. This choice is permanent for the crew and can be expanded upon over the course of the campaign.

Rare 1 models & Drafting

Each model with the characteristic of ‘Rare 1’ will only be hirable by the first player to acquire them in their arsenal throughout the campaign on a first come, first serve basis. During the first week of the campaign we will run a draft to hire the players starting crews. Players will be assigned a number at random and will draft their models into their crew in a 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,etc. format until all players have their starting crews selected.

New Hires

The start of each week is the only time players may hire new models for their arsenal. The player with the lowest combined arsenal may choose first, followed by the next lowest, and so on drafting models like the first week.

The first model a crew hires each week costs 5 script less than it normally would. Every player must hire a minimum of one new model. Non-campaign upgrades are also purchasable at this time for double their normal soulstone cost.


During week 3 and after, during the New Hires phase of the week, any crew which has completed at least one Bounty may pay 10 script to purchase a Master for their arsenal.

For the Love of Money

A player may ‘loan out’ one or more models in their arsenal to other players that may legally hire them for a negotiated value of script less than or equal to the models’ normal soulstone cost. If a player does this, the owning player may not hire loaned out models during any of their games that week. The models become unavailable to the player they were loaned to and available to the owning player at the start of the next week. Any campaign upgrades, skills, or injuries a model has/acquires or loses while loaned remain as such when a model is loaned out or returned.

Stay Dead

If a Rare 1 model or Master is annihilated from a player’s crew, the model become unavailable for all players and remaining games of the campaign.

Cut ‘Em Up for Parts

In between games, any crew may annihilate any crew members it wishes to gain an amount of Script equal to half of the model’s soulstone cost rounded up. The if the model was a Rare 1 model see the “Stay Dead” rule above.

Games per Week

Each player may play a maximum of two games against other players in the campaign per week. Any others games played above two will be strickly for fun and will not have an Aftermath phase for either player.

Each week a Campaign event will be announced as well as a recommended 2016 Gaining Grounds Strategy / Deployment / Scheme Pool.  Playing the specified combination will result in extra bonuses for completing the games.

Re-hire / Late Start

If a player wishes to stop playing with their current arsenal, they may choose to restart with a new arsenal at 35 soulstones for that week. All models / upgrades they previously had are removed from their arsenal and all Rare 1 models are made available again to be hired by others. The player restarting may not rehire any of their old Rare 1 models during their initial re-hiring.

A player joining for the first time during a running campaign may do so at any time. They will start a new arsenal as normal following the above restrictions and Rare 1 model availability.

A player then playing with a re-hired arsenal or joining the campaign for the first time may play up to three games that week to attempt to catchup with the other players in the league.


Fully painted is encouraged but not required. An additional 2 script will be awarded to a player each week if they have a fully painted arsenal at the start of the weekly Wednesday gaming session.


Proxies are allowed at the discretion of the event organizer. Any model which can be used to logically distinguish to a reasonable level to the official Malifaux model / art should be allowed.


End of the Campaign

Three winners will be determined at the end of the campaign

  • Mastery – Player with the best record of Campaign Points / Diff / Victory Points over the 5 weeks. A player may count a maximum of two games per week. (If a player starts late or re-hires their arsenal they may count three games for their initial week with the crew)
  • Best Hide Out – Player with the most fortifications on their Hide Out. In the case of a tie on number of fortifications, then the player with the most flair is the winner. If still tied, play the best of three rock-paper-scissors for winner takes all!
  • Best Painted – Player with the best crew of at least 45 soulstones comprising of only models which are part of their campaign arsenal.


If you have any questions, please feel free to post here, PM JSKrush on the forums, or email james.kroesch@gmail.com

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Week 1 - "The Sins of the Masters"

In the wake of The Event, your crew, your once loyal band, your friends, have scattered to the far reaches of Malifaux.  Your master, still recovering from the forces unleashed, has left you to fend for yourself.  The haunting sounds of mechanical hooves can still be heard on the winds whispering through the streets at night.  But your not afraid.  The soulstone power still is yours to call.  You're a leader.  Fate will be yours to shape.  Its time to start new, pick yourself up, and get back into the game... At whatever the cost...

If you play your games using all of the following, each player that does not Strategically Withdraw before Turn 3, gains 2 additional scrip.
    Event:  A Sinners Prayer (Modified: Players may cheat flips while resolving the Encounter event.)
    Strategy:  Reconnoiter
    Deployment:  Flank
    Schemes:  Convict Labor, Show of Force, Leave Your Mark, Detonate the Charges, Frame for Murder

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Week 2 - "When the man comes around"

There is news that someone new has come to town.  You may or may not have a history with them, but don't let that stop you from running your game on the other crews looking to edge in on your turf.  Whatever is agenda is, maybe you can put it to your advantage... Or maybe not...

If you play your games using all of the following, each player that does not Strategically Withdraw before Turn 3, gains 2 additional scrip.
    Event:  The Lonely Traveler
    Strategy:  Extraction
    Deployment:  Standard
    Schemes:  Convict Labor, Neutralize the Leader, Show of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Search the Ruins

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