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Agram Arena Summer 2016 - Malifaux tournament (40k, X-Wing and Black Queen Painting Competition), Zagreb, Croatia

Demonn Agram

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Dear friends!

It is time for another (14th annual) Agram Arena Summer Tournament!

We are in the second decade of organizing Arena events and this year's Agram Arena Summer is going to be held over a record three weekends:

09.07.2016. International Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
16-17.07.2016. International 40K Tournamenty + Hobby and miniature painting competition Black Queen!
23-24.07.2016. International Malifaux Tournament + demo/open gaming (23.7. Infinity & LOTR/Hobbit SBG and 24.7. Flames of War & Warmachine)

Location: MS "Cvjetni trg", Miskecov prolaz 3, Zagreb, Croatia.

Entry: FREE!

Refreshing drinks for all players will be free during the tournaments.

Accommodation for Saturday night is also free for the 1st-time-comers (read more in the rules)! Everyone else can be booked for the price of 13€ for the nights 16/17.7 and 23/24.7, and 18€ for every other night you might need. The Hostel is in the centre of the city, with parking ensured and only 5 minutes walk from the venue.
Lunch is available at the price of 75 Kn (around 10 Euro) for both days (= 5 Euro/day)!

Check out the tournament rules & other info:

Official languages of the tournament will be English and Croatian!

Star Wars X-Wing - from 1st of June to 1st of July
40K - from 1st of June to 07th of July
Black Queen - from 1st of June to 07th of July (not neccessary unless you need accommodation - see the rulespack)
Malifaux - from 1st of June to 14th of July
Demo Games / Open Play - from 14th of July to 22th of July
(you can find guidelines on registration in the rules (check out the above link))!

If you need any other information please contact us at ums.agram@gmail.com or GSM +385 91 7620584

After the end of the registrations of each respective event (July 1st for X-Wing, July 7th for 40k and BQ and July 14th for Malifaux) it is no longer possible to cancel your accommodation and you will be billed for the accommodation at full price (18€ per night regardless of any discounts you might be elligable for). Also, the room assignements will be done once the registrations are final as we are not a tourist agency.

Start your summer holidays in one of World's favourite tourist destination - Croatia, by participating in free International tournament!



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