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Anyone want to run an event in Manchester in August...?


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Slightly horse-before-cart posting I admit, however I'm organizing the Britcon event in Manchester over the weekend of 12-14 August (a 200-player multi-ruleset gaming event with a small trade show) and I find myself in the position of probably having some spare table space on Sunday 14th, as I have a 1-day event running (that uses 3x3 playing areas) on the Saturday. 

So, given that the venue is booked, gaming is happening everywhere else in the venue, there's a trade show running, there's a bar and food and we have a setup already that is in place to take bookings and collect entry fees (which would need to be set at around £13/head to cover the costs of venue, table hire and some prizes) .... I wondered if anyone fancied actually GM/TO'ing a one-day Malifaux event at the event, on the basis that they would only (ahem) need to do the the umpiring, scenario setting and terrain rustling-upping (sic) bits, as all the other work has already been done..?

If this sounds like you, please pm me and we can discuss ! 





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I guess it would be a 1 in 52 chance... ! 

Its still a good opportunity for someone to have a go if they are thinking about TO'ing - all the hard work is already done, its just list checking, scenario setting and terrain wrangling as I said above. I can probably conjure up at least 3 tables worth myself, so if there are any Manchester-based clubs or groups who maybe fancy taking it on as a team effort it might only need a few more tables cooking up... 



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