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Gaining Grounds 2016 & Gremlins


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Looking over the new Schemes and Strategies for Gaining Grounds and it looks like interacts and positioning are definitely more important. Looks like a perfect match for an Ulix crew to accomplish the majority of them with a good chance of success. Also, seems like Somer summoning factory + Pigapult will do really well with a lot of the positioning elements that seem prevalent. Time for me to start painting some pigs!

How do you think this will change the meta for Gremlins? 

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Well my Zoraida crew with nurse and piglets is loving this. Incidentally, a nurse is a fantastic way to control piglets when you don't have enough Gremlins around to leave one within 2". Just make it take its meds so it can only walk and interact and then send it way up the board. Done.

I think Merris is going to enjoy this one a lot as well with her 0-action scheme placement, reckless and far enough movement to get another scheme marker down if whatever you're trying to score has distance restrictions.

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Merris' stock definitely went up with GG16. I also think that Hunting Party being suited, makes most of Ophelia's Kin even shinier options as well. Played several games vs Gremlins with the new strats now and the important part about Hunting Party is the enforcer or henchmen clause. Show of Force is also pretty easy to score with Dirty Cheater being common, Lenny's Pet upgrade and Gun For a Lady on Trixie being fairly common upgrades. The clauses on placement of scheme markers has dropped Trixies pick up and drop but not that much, she's still amazing. 

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