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Malifaux League at Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies in Washington, NJ


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Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies in Washington, NJ will soon be moving to its new more spacious location. In its continued support of the growing Malifaux community in the area, a new dedicated gaming area will be created and in house league play will be established. The new league program, R.A.M.S. (Resident Arcana Malifaux Society) will kick off on January 3, 2016. With the addition of this dedicated area, games can be played any day of the week that the store is open. The goals of this league is to provide format and structure, reward players for their participation through monthly prizes and increase Malifaux-centric social activities and opportunities for players in the area.

R.A.M.S. (Resident Arcana Malifaux Society) will function as the in house league at the Arcana Toys, Games and Hobbies. Each player will be asked to report games for tracking. In addition to tracking game scores, players will be able to earn additional points via a list of achievements. Monthly dues of $10 will be collected, 100% of these dues will be used for the benefit of the local Malifaux gaming community.   We will be able to buy mats, terrain, and even use part of the dues to augment the monthly prize support that as your Henchman, I will be providing at the end of each monthly league. Yes, you read that correctly, each month prizes will be given out; as we expand the prizes will grow but let’s be clear, one of the main goals of R.A.M.S. will be to reward the local community for their loyalty and dedication to the game, to this end we very much would like to put out prizes that will undoubtedly be first rate and we have already engaged in conversations with some suppliers in furtherance of that goal. Since we will have our own dedicated space, R.A.M.S. games can be played any day of the week that the store is open and while there will be an incentive for playing different opponents each game, there will be no specific opponent requirement, making it quite possibly the easiest league you will ever participate in.

Cost: $10/month - All fees will be used for improving the prize pool as well as the dedicated Malifaux gaming area.

League Format - 1 month league recurring.

They are located at:                        25 E. Washington Avenue
                                                       Washington, NJ 07882

Their number is: (908) 223-1120

For more information, visit their Facebook page:


Or their dedicated Malifaux group:




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