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Breach Buddies - singles/team tournament, 9th January, Stirling, Scotland


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Breach Buddies - singles, 50SS, Fixed Faction event with a twist. People will team up in teams of 3. At the start of each of the 3 rounds, teams will be drawn against other teams, and the team captains will decide between them what the individual pairings will be.

Player Pack: http://www.2guys1paintpot.co.uk/malifaux/BreachBuddies.pdf

If you cannot find a team, one can be assigned to you on the day.

Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Top placed Team and a wooden spoon.

Tournament will cost £10 per person and must be paid in advance to paypal@dolidh.com

Strats, Schemes and Deployment
Round 1:
Standard Deployment
Line in the Sand
Murder Protoge
Protect Territory
Spring the Trap
Round 2:
Corner Deployment
Line in the Sand
Round 3:
Close Deployment
Stake A Claim
Line in the Snad
Plant Explosives

The Teams:
Paul, Joe & Gareth (Gareth's Flat),
Lee, Ally & Allan (Get In Ma Belly),
Scott, Steven & David (Daemonic Cyber-Pork)
Dave, Maria & Connor (Polterpuff Girls),
Michael, Andy & Liam (Mustache 3 Heads and a Little Brilliance),
Lewis, Alex & Ross (2 Guys 1 Princess),
David, Kieran & Shug (Girls Just Want to Have Fun),
Callum, Steve & Ali (Chips, Cheese &Curry Sauce)
Jamie, Ian & Kenny (Yan Lo's Neckbeard),
Mark, Richard & Paul (NNW)

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Just wanted to say a big thank you for all who turned up yesterday to Breach Buddies to make it a fantastic day. 10 Teams in total, some battling their way through snow to get to us, but worth it all. Congratulations to Callum ( I'm_open_to_suggestions ) who won the singles portion and a shout out to North West Warriors who won the team side of things.

I have put a small page to show the results and tables at each round. Enjoy:


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