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For Yan Lo syne (Malifuax Tournament)

A Fistful of Doom

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This new year why not make a resolution to play more Malifaux starting on the 3rd of January with our event at A Fistful of Dice in Portsmouth!
We're running a Gaining grounds event at 50ss wiht fixed faction
For more detail see ou event page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/441416136051724/)

Tickets are available from our website (https://www.afistfulofdice.co.uk/event)
We're limited to 20 places so be sure to get you tickets soon

For all Malifaux players; to continue in our reign of terror and this time we're going large with a 50 soul stone battle. So come on down and we'll give you guys another chance to cheat fate in the New Year for Yo Lan syne!!

This tournament will be run using the 2015 Gaining ground tournament rules.
Available from Wyrd Website here: (http://www.wyrd-games.net/resources)

The Strategies will be as follows:

Round 1 - Extraction using Corner Deployment

Round 2 - Interference using Standard deployment

Round 3 - Head-hunter using Flank Deployment

The soul stone limit for this tournament will be 50ss.
The Tournament will run for three rounds, with any ties to be decided by play off.
Pairings will be generated via a Swiss pairing system.

12:00 Registration.
12:30 Round 1.
14:35 Lunch.
14:30 Round 2.
16:30 Round 3.
18:35Prizes handed out and souls crushed.

Tickets for this event are £10.00, available in-store and from our website: (https://www.afistfulofdice.co.uk/event).
As always you can pay on the door.

This tournament will be Fixed Faction, and your faction must be declared at the start of the event.

In the case of crews with dual faction you must nominate one faction for them at the start of the event, and this will remain their faction until the end the event.

Each event ticket will come with a goody bag and a raffle ticket. Between rounds we will be raffling off a blood red Betty Noir and a pair of Ice Gamin, exceptionally well painted by David McDermott.

There will also be a Mystery Box prize for the best sportsman

(note: out of faction models may be included if one or more
special hiring rules allow them to be included in your crew)

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