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For all those Tara players out there looking for a proxy for the scion of the void


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So, when shifting loyalties came out and I saw that Tara finally had her own henchmen but it didn't have a model and a few friends and I were just about to host Wyrd's new campaign system at our local store, I decided to attempt to find a suitable model until a real one was released. I feel like i found a pretty decent substitute for the time being and decided to share with the rest of the community, because quite frankly the the other substitutes I came across in my search were pretty awful in my opinion. The model I ended up going with in the end was an infinity model actually, the link... http://store.infinitythegame.com/articulo.php?f=1&s=8&o=3&id=363... As many of you that have also been looking may have found out, it's quite difficult to find a squid head humanoid model. So, what I ended up doing was I took that model added extra tendrils to the hair area, added 2 more arms and I feel like it turned out quite well. Sorry for the quality, the pictures were taken with my phone, but here's examples of what i finally ended up with. I hope this helps others. Oh, and the extra arms I used were one from the Miss Ann Thrope model (the left bat arm) and the right consists of part of an old Pink horror warhammer 40k's forearm and the hand holding the halberd from the model i posted, and the book arm consists of an old sisters of battle book hand and the forearm of the model i posted. Hopefully the pics at least give you an idea what I did.Scion_of_the_void.thumb.jpg.0e2fefd15001SoV2.thumb.jpg.061c170f12742971b376325fbSov3.thumb.jpg.765d638593897d6f10fa345b9SoV4.thumb.jpg.2616719d1a9f7a477cd45b21f

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