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Hannah: Nether Flux vs Counterspell

Rurouni Benshin

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Hi everyone,

I need some clarification on how Nether Flux and Counterspell work.  Counterspell seems pretty self explanatory, in that all built-in suits for all Ca actions are negated, forcing the model to have flipped the appropriate suit or have it cheated.

Nether Flux seems to say the same thing, only it includes Ml and Sh attacks.  Is that what it actually does, or am I understanding it incorrectly?


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Indeed, Nether Flux negates all built-in suits for Ml, Sh and Ca. However, Nether Flux negates it from all enemy models within the aura while Counterspell removes them from Ca-actions targeting Hannah regardless of range.

This effectively makes Hannah immune to Lure from most models. Also, Hannah and Librarians are very mean to Bête Noire with that aura... :P

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