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H: Outcasts crews W: Gremlin crews


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I think I'm crazy but I really, really want Gremlins :)

Long story short: I have quite big Outcast collection (Viks box, Tara's box, Levi's box and many, many others) and I wouldn't mind to swap them for roughly same size plastic Gremlin collection (Somer, Ophelia, Brewie, Wong, Mah with other supporting models).

My stuff is fully painted with cobble resin bases so I wouldn't be sad if Gremlins were painted too but assembled stuff would be ok as well.



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I've got some Gremlins I'm looking to trade.  I've got 1E metals.  I have Somer with 4 Gremlins, 1 Mosquito, 5 piglets, 1 War Pig, 1 Pig Whisperer and Ophelia and her kin (all 5 named ones).  They're in various stages of paint and assembling but they're on Wyrd swamp bases with the exception of the piglets that are unbased.  Let me know if you're interested, I could use some Outcasts.

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