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El Jarabe Tapatio


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Ok, I am a fairly new player to this game, I am more in to painting than playing, so I usually pick figures I like instead of trying to find the most useful combinations. My first go to was the Viks, but alas they are always sold out in my LGS, who to be frank have no idea how to run a business. My next go to was Guild, females with pointy sticks are in my world awesome, so I bought the Lady, after a lot of swearing a snapped sword I managed to get her assembled and most of her crew. I played a couple of games with her, won vs Lynch, lost vs resser McMourning, and got completely annihilated by Rasputina. Next buy was Miss Ortega and her jolly hat wearing family, and I loved to paint her and the rest of the Ortegas. A friend of mine accidentally bought two Killjoy and gave me one of them. Killing my Death Marshall with boxed Loco has now become feared by my gaming group. So here are my first pictures of the Ortegas with Killjoy. More will come, Abuela and Miss ann Thrope are hopefully here in a fortnight or two.


Most of the gang



Perdita on her own.



Perdita with big guy Bodyguard.



Marshall with inverted flames.



A more close up on how all my bases looks except that there will be some longer grass on them, hobby store is closed till September.



Any questions will be answered.





If you don't know what the topic means copy paste the title in youtube and I hope you will understand.



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