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More Malifaux @ Coliseum of Comics FSM in August


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Hey everyone,


Here's our Malifaux schedule in August.  Just like in July, the 1st Saturday of the month is an original event.


Aug. 1st - Free original event: "We Struck It Rich!"


Great news!  You've just come across a huge deposit of soulstone.  The bad news, so did someone else.  Now, you're not just gonna let those varmints get their greasy mitts on those precious stones, are you?

New strategy: "Bountiful Claim"

Place a 30mm marker at the center of the board.  This is the deposit of soulstones.

At anytime during the game, if you are within engagement range of the deposit of soulstones your Master or Henchmen can take the "Resourceful Crewmember" action. A figure can only use this action once per round.  This action can only be taken 4 times total (by both crews combined) during the game.

(1) Resourceful Crewmember - Gain 1 soulstone.

At the end of the game, if your crew has at least 2 more non-peon models within 6" of the deposit of soulstones than the other crew, then you have successfully claimed the soulstones.  For each "Resourceful Crewmember" action taken during the game, this strategy is worth 1 less point.




Aug 8, 15, 22, 29 - Open Play



Look forward to seeing you there!



Alex, Games Manager

Coliseum of Comics, Fashion Square

3201 E. Colonial Drive M-11

Orlando, FL 32803





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