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Spring Fling Enforcer Brawl @ Meeplemart, Toronto ON

SuperFly TNT

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Spring Fling
Enforcer Brawl Tournament
April  27, 2015
247 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 3A8
Registration begins at 5.30PM. First round starts at 6.00PM. 
No entry fee. Winner receives a pick from the Prize Box.  Other Players who complete all rounds will be entered into a draw for a pick from the Prize Box. Other prizes TBA depending on turn out (6+ players).
Tournament will use the Enforcer Brawl Alternate Tournament Format with the Fight Card rules detailed below. 
No actions/abilities/triggers that create models allowed.
The basic Enforcer Brawl rules are available on Wyrd’s website at: http://wyrd-games.net/community/files/file/170-alternate-m2e-tournament-formats/
The Tournament will run for 3 Rounds. The winner for each Round will be based on the most Victory Points gained as outlined in the Enforcer Brawl rules.
The Winner will be awarded to the person who accumulated the most Tournament Points. TP for each Round will be award as follows: First 3 TP, Second 1 TP.  If there is a tie for First each player will receive 2 TP.
If there is a tie for most TP, total Victory Points accumulated over all three rounds will be used to determine the winner.
Fight Card Rules:
Each player will have 29 Soulstones to assemble a lineup of 3 Enforcers, including any Upgrade Attachments.
Enforcers can be hired from up to two different Factions. Models must be hired as the Faction(s) they belong to and not as Mercenaries. 
An Enforcer can only be used once by each Player. Alternate models count as their basic version. For Example, if you use Miss Step you cannot also use Howard Langston and vice-versa.
At the beginning of the Tournament, each player will submit their Fight Card, listing their Enforcers from least to most expensive (including Upgrade). The lowest cost Enforcer will be used in Round 1, the second in Round 2 and the most expensive in Round 3. 
If two models are the same cost, the Player may place them in the order they wish. For Example, David has a lineup of Convict Gunslinger  + Oath Keeper (8ss), Sue (8ss) and Desolation Engine (13ss).  The Gunslinger and Sue are both 8ss and could be assigned to fight in either the First or Second Round.
Proxy Rules:
Proxy models may be used for figures which have not been released by Wyrd (metal or plastic), provided they are easily identifiable and appropriate. 
Unless suitably converted/customized, use of existing Malifaux models to represent another model is not permitted.
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