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H: Loads of 'faux W: £'s, Epic Spell Wars


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2x Waldergeist (plastic, the 2 on the left on the pic on the back of the box) - £7 
Von Schill Hired guns crew box minus the trapper and Steam Trunk - £12
9x Bayou Gremlins (plastic) - £15
Avatar Colette  - £15 
3x Crooligans - £3 each
3x Ronin - £3 each
2x Young Nephelim (undercoated and on victorian st base inserts) - £3 each
1x Fire Gamin - £2
1x Terror Tot -£2
metal Misaki - £5
3x Punk Zombies - £3 each
All prices are excluding p&p (so the more you buy, the more you'll save there  ;) )
Also after a Puppet Wars Vik (metal or plastic, not fussed) and Rackham Confrontation Wolfen
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