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Single Master League in Somerville NJ


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So, after the success of our last league, we will be running a single master league at the Only Game in Town in Somerville, NJ.  


We will start on 3/25 with a terrain paint day.  everyone who participates receives 6 points.


Once per league achievements:

Purchase something from the store-2 points

Purchase something malifaux related (must be wyrd product)- 5 points

purchase snack or drink for TO- 2 points


Other points:

play a game: 2 points

win a game: 1 point

win a game without cheating fate: 1 point.

paint a model: 1 point


Week 1: 26 points, standard, turf war, line in the sand, break through, cursed object, take prisoner

week 2: 35 points, flank, reckoning, line in the sand,  protect territory, bodyguard, make them suffer, distract, 

week 3: 40 points, corners, squatters rights, line in the sand, assassinate, deliver a message, distract, murder protege

week 4: 50 points, close, stake a claim,  line in the sand, body guard, assassinate, power ritual, plant evidence


Players can log up to 2 games per week.  We will be running a painting competition simultaneously with the league.

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