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Four Grimoires for your games.


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Most of these go against the grain a bit, in terms of what the Magia that a Dabbler or Tinkerer gets, but that's why they're a fun poption, slotting your magicians a bit more than normal, both restricting and degining them at the same time as they get somewhat more powerful via the increased focus. All four of these Grimoires are legal to own and use in Malifaux, tho some are more legal than others, as you'll see. As you might imagine, they aren't just given away to anyone, but they can be bought and studied, tho such purchases coem with ... obligations.


Without further ado, let's check the books!



(Practitioners use the Thalarian Method)

May be purchased for only $10! Requires being registered with the Guild. If taken as a starting Grimoire, the player may also gain


One Pneumatic Partial Limb, without upgrades


A Height 1 Automaton with no expanded abilities, a mop, shovel, broom, five pounds of iron, and a pound of copper.


The Thalarian Tome is, by far and away, -the- standard book of magic in Malifaux. It's the tradition that the Guild wants everyone to follow, after all, and those who are found to have burgeoning magical talent are directed towards the Tome as soon as they're found. After all, the young mage needs to be registered, less they be labeled a Witch and hunted down. And while they're registering, why, the Guild is only too happy to teach them how to direct their magical talents in a societal-improving way. You can get a job upkeeping the Pneumatics of the miners or factory laborers, or help the Guard with their own automotons! Why, you could one day save up enough money to make your own laboratory and start making machines of your own! Just sign here, my young magician, and learn the -proper- way! 


Quite a few members of the MS & U started with this tome, and their own creations bear the distinctive scent of Thalarian magic, letting them fit right in with general society without raising a fuss. They are, after all, a legal organization, and Master Ramos himself often teaches young Steamfitters in the Union. The Guild grumbles about this usurpation of their control, but ultimately the rules are being followed and the Union lawyers are certin to file all the proper paperwork, in triplicate, on time every time.


Magia: Animate Construct, Animate Limb

Immuto: Focus Object (Common wrench, takes one hand, but is easily replaced. -1), Delay, Increased Duration





THE GOOD BOOK, (aka the Book of Pedro)

(Practitioners use the Tradtion method. See below for details!)

May be purchased for only $20, and comes with both a silver cross on a chain and a hand-carved Ortega Crucifix, as well being ordained as a priest. Officially, they are registered magicians, but under the authority of the Bishop of Malifaux, rather than the Guild. When given the Good Book, a license to hunt Neverborn is included as stamp inside the fornt cover, with the character's name.


The Good Book is said to have been written by Padre Pedro Ortega, one of the first to cross into the Breach and one who survived an attack from the Neverborn, undergoing a religious revival in the process. No one is certain how true his visions were, and indeed, no one is exactly certain who Pedro Ortega -was- ... The usual story is that he's one of Papa Loco's many brothers and sisters (And tehir children, Ortega cousins, fill the Latigo compound!), but some say that Pedro is Papa Loco's actual name and that he wrote it in the process of losing his mind. The Ortegas know the truth, but they say only that Pedro was Saved, wrote the book in a month, then went away on a mission to spread the Word, and has yet to return. They copy his book and share it with Neverborn Hunters who show a gift of magic and strong faith. Indeed, there have been enough priests ordained at the Latigo Compound that they've taken to travelling to small townships and settlements, both spreading the Word and doing what they can to protect the small communities from Neverborn predations.


While the spells themselves are impressive, the Ortega Tradition promotes Counterspelling, but shuns Use Soulstone. Soulstones are seen as an affront to Heaven and sometimes the preachers get a bit up in arms about the use of them in Malifaux proper... all the more reason that the Guild is happy to let them travel about the small townships and minister to people rather than stand on street corners. The dedicated nature of their Neverborn hunting, however, and their unwillingness to use Soulstones makes them useful, and they remain a fully-sanctioned magical force in the world of Malifaux.


Linked Skills: Counterspell +, Soulstone -

Magia: Heal, Elemental Weapon

Immuto: Increase AP, Focus*, Elemental (Spirit)

* Unlike most traditions, the Ortega Tradition allows for two separate foci. The first is a large wooden crucifix, blessed by holy water from the church there. (One hand sized, difficult to replace, -2 to spellcasting), while the second is the common silver cross worn by believers across the world. (tiny, easy to replace, makes spells more difficult by +1) ... due to having a second spellcasting method, each modifier is worsened by 1 beyond where it would normally be. Yes, this means that spells cast with the cross are harder than a spell cast with no focus at all would have been!  Increase AP is to speak longer prayers, making the spells more likely to be completed successfully. It's not required, but common.





(Oxford Tradition, natch)

Can be purchased for $25, includes official Guild registration and one year membership in L'institut des Arcanes. ($10/year to continue)


The Oxford Formulae has managed to resist every attempt of the Guild to eliminate it, and the existance of the Institute continues to be a thorn in their paw. The Institute is in downtown Malifaux,  providing a singular location for "True Magicians" to gather and speak with one another, as long as they're fully registered and understanding that, should they be found partaking in illegal research, they will be turned over to the WItch Hunters or Death Marshals with an ASTOUNDING swiftness. The Institute is always searching for promising young Talents, sometimes racing the Guild to newly-awakened practitioners as they hope to wrest some control away. The massive number of Thalarians versus the small number of Oxfordians shows who's winning that battle, but the Institute refuses to give in. The -very- public personaes of the members is well-formed, and each is required to wear a symbol of their membership at all times ... a ring for most, an amulet for some, and most tend towards a traditional hooded cloak, or at the least a long cape, as a mark of their magical status.


The Oxford Formulae itself is contained in a large tome, very much traditional in design and illustrated with large numbers of arcane symbols and mystical patterns. Many practitioners add their own notes quickly, expanding the Immuto that they know quickly to gain adiverse array of options, but the overall focus is on Sorcery, which they consider the purest form of magic. All Oxfordians start learning fire magic, which helps them in counterspelling magical fire as well, a fact which continually earns them high marks from the common citizenry. Still, when an Oxfordian arrives, hands wreathed in fire, the streets tend to clear ... you never know when something might go astray.


Magia: Elemental Projectile, Elemental Strike

Immuto: Blast, Alter Range, Elemental (Fire)





(The Court Proceedure)

Never on sale publicly, Potter's Prestidigitation is sometimes found in the black market but more often gifted by one magician to an apprentice. When it can be found, it costs $20, but the $5 regsitration fee required by the Guild isn't included. A magician producing said book for regsitration had best be prepared for many questions.


Potter's Prestidigitation is an entry-level book for illusion and stage magic, taking a young performer from mere sleight of hand and trickery to true arcane Tricks. It isn't often given, and the methodology it teaches is one based on 'getting one over the suckers', rather than a true appreciation of the high art. Rumor has it that a second book or more advanced spells exists, but if it does, it's never been authorized by the Guild and anyone found in possession of such secrets would be facing rather stiff penalties... and no one wants to wind up a Witchling, thanks.


Richard Potter, the author of Potter's Prestidigitation, was born in Massacusetts as the son of a British tax collector and a black servant, but he gained great fame as the first American-born magician and wound up discovering enough -true- magic to write his own Grimoire. The spells themselves are relatively simple, given that they were intended to use Earthside where magic is -very- weak, and his fame was enough that the Guild accepted his Grimoire as an officially-sanctioned book or magic, but one carefully vetted. In Malifaux, Prestidigitators are rarely more than entertainers and have no authority to challenge the Guild's supremacy. For now, they allow the practitioners to continue their little act, as  long as they know their place and pay their dues. Prestidigitators smile, nod, and pay up ... then quietly count their gains when no one's around. They're illusionists and liars, one and all, and gaining legal recognition might be their greatest trick yet.


Magia:  Parlor Tricks, Phantasm

Immuto: Delay, Reduce AP, Selective Targeting


(Note that while many use a focus, such as a wand, hat, or pocket watch, for their spells, they don't -need- them... it's all part of the act!)

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