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Forging a Fated: James "Jake" Wilson


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Station: Settler

Pursuit: Pioneer


Might 1

Grace 2

Speed -2

Resilience 1


Intellect -2

Charm 0

Cunning 0

Tenacity 2


Defense 2

Walk 3

Wounds 8

Willpower 4

Charge 3

Height 2


Core Skills // Rating

Homesteading 3

Husbandry 2

Athletics 1

Barter 1

Navigation 1

Shotguns 1

Wilderness* 1


Endeavour Skills // Rating

Toughness 3

Labor 2

Pugilism 2

Carouse 1

Flexible 1



Simple Logic


Crafting Kit (Homesteading)

Collier Hammerless shotgun with 20 shot rounds and 10 slug rounds


James "Jake" Wilson was born to honest folk out in Texas, son of some settlers who just couldn't make it all the way to California before their supplies ran out. He lived a simple life, working around the ranch, keeping the place up, and sometimes wandering around to help the neighbors with mending fences or putting up barns. On one of these occasions, a fall broke his leg mighty bad and it never did set right, giving him a limp that he carries to this day. Still, he toughed it out, just like he always did, and got on with life.


When the Breach opened, jake took a long, hard look at the options he had in life. He didn't have the money to start himself a nice cattle ranch of his own, and while being a cowpuncher had an upside, it was a hard life without much of an upside. He decided to take a big-money offer to herd cattle in Malifaux, locking himself into some short-term debt for a long-term payoff over his gut instinct to turn it aside.


Poor Jake.


After a year, bouncing around one from ranch to another, only to see the Neverborn, drought, and general Malifaux chaos wipe out one herd after another, he wound up in Malifaux proper, trying to make ends meet and pay off his loans. He's managed to find odd jobs as a carpenter, where he has a true natural talent, and entered the fighting circle for some extra side-money, where he's done well. He's not the best fighter, the strongest, or the fastest, but he's got a chin carved out of granite and "Is too dumb to stay down", traits that have earned him a fan-following. He's still got an itch to get out and tame the land, however, and has been known to sign on with expiditions that set out now and then... he's a passable shot, knows his way around the outdoors, and, most importantly, he can fix about anything should a wagon break down.  Now he just needs enough money to pay out the last of his loan to the bank, some land to call his own, and a wife to settle down with and his life'll be complete.



Jake's a simple guy. He's honest, hard-working, and plain-speaking, with a slow, measured Texas drawl. He wasn't prepared for some of the things he's seen in Malifaux's badlands, but he took them in stride (After a couple of shots of whiskey) and kept going, which, really, is how he handles most things in life. He ain't much of one for book-learnin', and puts more stock in gut instinct than fancy schoolin', but there's something about him that you ust can't help trusting after a while. He's got a terrible stubborn streak and once he's got his mule head fixed on some idea he just won't budge, but aside from that, he's just good people.

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