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Malifaux Spring Fling - Loves Park, IL


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Time to shake off some winter blah's and greet spring with some Malifaux fun.



Top Cut Comics -Loves Park 

Top Cut Central
5606 N 2nd Street
Loves ParkIL 61111




Achievement League -"Beware the ides of March" 


When: Starts 03/15/15 and ends 04/18/15


This an achievement league with matches of varying SS size. Points will be earned based on achieving certain events. Players must declare a faction at the start of the league but may hire any crews within the declared faction and restrictions.

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Here are the rules and info for the league, feel free to message me with questions.


Achievement League Malifuax™

Beware the Ides of March” March 15 – April 25, 2015

This league season will be six weeks long. Players may play at either Top Cut Comics or Black Dog. The results of the each week will be compiled and posted in each store and on-line weekly. Sunday will start each new week with Saturday being the final day of each week. Points are scored for achievement as follows. Players may play as many games as they wish but must play a different player before playing the same player again to count towards an achievement game.

Schemes/Strategies: Players earn points by completing the victory conditions for each of the different schemes available in the game; this includes multi-player games and missions listed in the Cross Roads book. *Players do not need to win their respective game in order to earn points for this section of the league they only need to ACHIEVE the victory conditions for that scenario. Players will earn points equal to the victory points earned for the scenario, i.e. earn 1 victory point (VP) get 1 achievement point, earn 2 VP get 2 achievement points, earn 3 VP and get 3 achievement points. Players may play the same schemes or strategy multiple times, however only the best result for the scheme/strategy will be counted. Players may, by mutual consent, agree to flip a fifth card to play in a match rather than taking the Line in the Sand as the default. Players will still only select two options of the five options if this option is used. Players may also choose to play a story encounter instead of a standard game, if this option is selected then follow the normal rules for the scheme selection for story encounters. In addition players will earn 1 additional achievement point for achieving a victory condition for story encounters.

Players will earn the following bonuses for this section of the league.


Complete ALL Malifaux schemes/strategies (this includes all multi-player games and special strategies found in the Cross Roads book but does not include story encounters.) +10 points

Play all Story Encounters (need not win just complete each one) +5 points

Earn 3 Victory points on all scenarios played (does not require completing all scenarios, just earning the max VP on each one played.) +3 points


Challenges: Players will earn points for completing certain challenges. Players need not win the challenge to earn points they only need to complete the challenge itself, bonuses are earned for winning the challenge.

Welcome to Malifaux – Play a game against a player who is (new to Malifaux)*, 2 points, lose to that player and earn 3 points.

Against the odds – play a 30 SS crew vs a 50 SS crew, earn 2 points, win earn 5 points.

I’m in charge now” – play a match with a henchmen/henchwomen lead crew, earn 2 points, win earn 3 points.

The boss ain't around – play a match without any henchmen, earn 2 points, win earn 3 points.

You forget the gear....argh!! – Play a match without using any upgrades, earn 2 points, win earn 3 points.

There can be only one... Play a 25 SS enforcer battle- earn 2 points, win earn 3 points.

Beauty is in the eye of the....Compete in a Malifaux painting contest – Win 1st place earn 10 points, 2nd Place earn 7 points, any other finish earn 5 points.

Earn your keep...” Participate in a Malifaux hobby night – earn 10 points.

The right stuff – Play a match against a Wyrd Henchmen, earn 2 points, win and earn 3 points.

The Good, the Bad and the Wyrd – Compete in a Malifaux Team tournament, earn 5 points, come in second earn 7 points, come in first and earn 10 points.


Leave it up to Fate: These are random occurrences that will happen from time to time in a game and often hard to control but help make playing the fun that it is. Each event is worth 1 point but multiple occurrences count as double each time it happens.

The hard way - Win a duel with the same

Inconceivable.... Win a duel with the black joker or lose a duel with the red joker

It was meant to be – Flip either joker on the initiative

You can try – Flip the black joker on the damage flip

Epic Failure – Flip the black joker on the duel flip

Never in a million.... - Flip the red joker on duel flip

Don't tell me the odds, never tell me the odds... - flip a red joker on a negative damage flip.


* a new player is any player that did not participate in any previous Malifaux leagues/tournaments.

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It appears that I failed to take into consideration a little event called Adepticon when I planned this league, my apologies to everyone. In light of this ...er..oversight we will count all games played in week 1 and week 2 for each week. This will give those that attended Adepticon and did not play in the local stores the opportunity to catch up.


Thank you for your consideration. 


You may also find the league score sheets here.


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