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WG's Painting Thread


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I have recently gotten back into Malifaux through my commission painting. I forgot how much I loved the game and the miniatures. I get to paint more than I get to play though. I am always trying to improve my painting skills, and I feel there is no better way than to put your work out to the wolves. I will try my best to post a new model each week, and through your criticism and feedback I will become an even better painter. 


That being said, here is my first model for this thread. This is a commission that I recently finished up for my good friend Kylee. I was inspired by Mako's base in the Chronicles, though I went with floorboards and cobblestones instead of the tiles and flagstones. I was asked to do a lighter colored bear, and the rest of her Neverborn crew has purple in it. 










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I am on the road for work, but I brought my paints along with me. Turns out that the foam topper makes a decent backdrop in a pinch. I had to buy the new Sonnia Criid box because her new sculpt is so much better than the old one. I was excited to practice my OSL on her. 




I experimented a bit with color temperature. I used Ghost Grey to highlight everything that wasn't lit by the fire, and Off White to highlight everything that was lit by the fire. It increased the contrast by placing cool colors next to warm ones. 




The close up is a bit blurry, but you can see the two sides of the mask better here. 




I did a google image search on lantern light to help me figure out the pattern on the ground. 



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I agree, that is a fantastic sonnia, the experimenting with warm cool, certainly paid off. My only critique is a personal preference in regards to the light cast on the ground from the lantern. I find it a bit to harsh and think a softer warm orange would have been better witll less stark shadows from the from the support bars would have been better.


like I said it was a personal preference and a quality piece regardless. Nicely done sir :)

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