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LoEH Refunds


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So at the LoEH you were supposed to get £5 back if you played both days.  Due to my incompetance that didn't happen - was going to give it back when you registered on the Sunday - so now it will have to be done by paypal.  According to the records the folks below are entitled to a fiver.  If you want it back PM / DM a paypal address and I will send you £5.  If you don't want it or don't claim it then the excess will go to WAAC.  Cut off date for claiming the refund is end of March.  If you have any questions about it post them in this thread.


Apologies for not dealing with this earlier, I basically just forgot.


Right, so the folks eligible for said £5 are


  • Aaron Bailey
  • Adam Hutchinson
  • Andy Winton
  • Austin Capewell
  • Ben Halford
  • Ben Harris
  • Ben Sime
  • Brooks Martin
  • Cathy Winton
  • Conor Rooney
  • Garry Burgess
  • Graham Allington
  • Jake Barlow
  • James Reeves
  • James Winton
  • Jimmy Balderstone
  • John Donaldson
  • Josh Fletcher
  • Mark Byrne
  • Martin Jones
  • Mike Marchal
  • Nathan Chenery
  • Paul Butler
  • Peter Sidaway
  • Philippa Tickner
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