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Story Event, Sun. Feb 22nd. @ Games and Stuff (Glen Burnie MD)


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* 1 Game. No time limit. New player friendly!
* 50 soulstones.
* Entry fee $10.00.
* Using Malifaux 2E Gaining Grounds 2015 format with the following exception(s):
    ** Strategy will be determined by the story encounter (provided at the event)
    ** Faction specific Story Encounter Schemes are always available (per Story Encounter rules in the M2e Core Rulebook)
    ** Fully painted crews are optional, but those playing with a fully painted crew will be rewarded.
    ** Proxies will be approved prior to event start.
    ** Existing Malifaux miniatures are not valid proxies for a different model (except where noted by Gaining Grounds or with significant conversion).
* Scheme Pool will be randomized
* Prizes will be given for participation as well as a raffle format.
    * All players will start with 1 raffle ticket
    * Additional raffle tickets can be earned through Story Scenario rules!



1:00PM - 6:00PM  (end time is an estimate, could easily be shorter depending on late starts, etc.).


Games and Stuff
7385-G Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
(410) 863-7418


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