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Malifaux Achievement league , London , Ontario, Canada


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The Basics

League Location: Thursday Nights, The Game Chamber 

1700 dundas street, Unit 2, London, ON, N5W 3C9 519-601-4263

Registration Pay: $5 at sign up

League Start Date: October 9th

League End Date: November 6th


  • players are free to use whichever crews they possess, there are no declared factions for this league.
  • Avatar experimental rules are included in the achievements and can be used as long as both players agree and provided players have a printed copy of 4-22-14 rules that were under play testing.

 - Players will select crews for games according the rules for hiring crews on page 70 of the rules manual. 

Prize Ruling:


- OVER ACHIEVER (top achievement points overall in during the League) 

  • FATES HAND (random winner)
  • the above list is the MINIMUM of prizes available with more participants we have more prizes so be sure to sign up.


League Specifics

The Malifaux Achievement League is set-up to encourage players to play a regular games over the time period of the league and accumulate achievement points during the league. Games and Achievements must be tracked on the Achievement tracking sheet (available at the game chamber) and kept tin the league binder through the end of the League.


  • Each player is responsible for their own sheet in the League Binder, and must submit their achievement sheet with achievements initialed by their opponents at the end of the League night each week. SHEETS MUST STAY AT THE GAME CHAMBER. 
  • games may be played any time of the week was long as they are played at the game chamber. be sure to let tim and cecil know you are playing a game and get your league sheets from the binder from them. thursday nights are our league night and the best time to find a game but pick up games can be arranged as well.


  • During a single game, a player may earn one achievement 

from each category. 


Achievements are intentionally designed with the expectation that nobody will complete them all. The idea is to give people a variety of paths to “scoring” while also encouraging growth of our Malifaux community.

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