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Bad Juju

Hateful Darkblack

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Bad Juju is most often found with Zoraida, since he's a Swampfiend. He's a Mire Golem: an animated chunk of swamp that rises up to punch you.

Bad Juju is great for absorbing a lot of enemy resources on his way to death, and he does a ton of damage. He does best when he's surrounded, and he can come back from other Swampfiends when he dies.

In combat, he's a big tank. Dirty Claws hits hard, and can Paralyze with a crows trigger Quicksand (which gets a Wp resist). The damage is 2/5/7, so it may be worth focusing so you can cheat up to the much higher Moderate or Severe damage. Bad Juju can also Flurry to get in three attacks.

He's also got a mass attack (0) Landslide. Anyone who fails a Wp duel gets Slow and takes 2 damage. It's a good way to mess up a lot of enemy models if they surround him. He'll probably still die if he gets surrounded, but that's okay: if he does a lot of harm on his way out, and he can come back anyway, it's a fair exchange.

Bad Juju isn't fast by a long shot. He's got a Wk 4, which is slow for a Neverborn. To help this along, you can have Zoraida Obey him forward if you're using her. Another trick to consider is to let him die, and then unbury closer to the action when a Swampfiend dies. This only works if you have the Eternal Fiend upgrade, of course.

On the Defense, he's doomed to die, but to take out a lot of enemy resources in the process. He has Df 3 and only Wd 9. But he's also got Regeneration and Hard to Wound and Terrifying and all these things to slow down and drain AP and cards from those who are killing him! His best durability comes from Eternal Fiend: he can die and come back again. His other best defense is to kill, Paralyze, or Slow enemies before they can do him in.

Bad Juju has a few good options for Upgrades. His personal upgrade, Eternal Fiend, is quite good, especially if you're expecting a lot of fighting and you're taking a lot of Swampfiends. It's nice when you're facing Gremlins or Neverborn, too, as they might have Swampfiends of their own to bring him back.

Hexed Among You is another good Upgrade, since it lets you put your Silurid upfield for objective-grabbing. It won't help Bad Juju personally, but it helps get you VP.

Fears Given Form is also quite nice on Bad Juju. It works well with his "get up close then get surrounded and kill them all anyway and then come back" style. More mass damage around Bad Juju is good if you charge him into a crowd.

If Gremlin Zoraida hires him, he'll have to pick from a different set of Upgrades, and he doesn't get his immortality Upgrade unfortunately. Hide in the Mud (from the Avatar Beta) may be a nice thematic choice, and it protects him from ranged attacks. Dirty Cheater can give him some healing, but other Gremlin models may be competing for it. Hexed Among You is still a great choice.

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