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which models for X-scheme/strategy


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I thought it could be nice to have a list of different models that works great for different schemes/strategies, you are welcome to give both a basic or a more advanced explanation. Just share out of your experince so others can benefit from your hard-earned lessons ^^



I am still a Neverborn noob with only three games with Lilith and one with Zoraida, but I have quickly learned that you should never underestimate the leap ability on Silurids- they basically work for any scheme marker intensive game, both for their speed and also for the ability to leap in and out of engagement (mostly out^^). So if your list "allows" you to use some SS on them, they are a pretty solid investment.



I have found them pretty good at schemes like "Line in the sand" or other schemes that require a bodyguard. Place them where you want to hold a spot, place the forest for the 4inch ML and maybe use some AP on Defensive stance. A single Waldgeist have kept Huggy away from a scheme marker for three turns, just using all his AP on Defensive stance together with his +2armor. Remember that the game is all about VP, so you might not kill a lot of stuff in this way, but you keep them busy so you can score all the VP for yourself :)


Well that was my short experince, but I am looking forward to see some of you veterans thoughts and strategies :)

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Every time someone makes a crew list, everyone always comment on how it is wrong to make a list before you see the schemes, as certain models would be better for certain schemes. So I kinda thought all those people "complaining" about pre-list building would be able to share some of their experience with these models... but no one seems to want to share out of their knowledge? :)

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