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Plastic Ramos Crew for trade. (deal for you)


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I have the following for trade all is glued together (glue was used sparingly and unbased) unless noted otherwise. All cards are included with exception of wave 2 cards

Ramos (plastic)

Joss (plastic)

Brass Arachnid (plastic)

Howard Langston (plastic)

Miss Step (plastic, new in box)

15 Arachnids (plastic)

Electrical Creation (metal, based)

Large Arachnid (metal, based, this was a second hand model and roughly glued together)

So Rameses what are you after? You could be asking yourself.

Well let me tell you....

1 Widow Weaver

1 Brutal Effigy

1 Arcane Effigy

2 blisters of Alps

Wait, Rameses that is all you want?

Yup. New in box/blister would be great. But I am not picky. Just not will to split up.

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