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  1. Well I’d already ruled out Stitch in Time for more personal reasons (I’m in a PF1e campaign on the Paizo boards going through Return of the Runelords which has a lot of temporal shenanigans going on - between that and having recently replayed Bioshock Infinite I’m pretty well sated on playing with causality for now). I’ll give Honour a look tonight and start looking through the Chronicles, I didn’t realise they might have adventures in them (I think I ended up just seeing them as Wyrd’s version of White Dwarf or something). And I was planning to modify NPCs like you suggested - the adven
  2. Considering running a mini-campaign for TTB for some mates and I was gonna just string together some of the one-shots and, maybe, cap it off with a larger one like Days Without Accident (considering that one since I'm reading through it at the moment). Never GM'd anything before so I'm strapping the training wheels on, so to speak.😛 Anyway, I can't decide on which ones to actually use. All I've got is starting off with Bad Things Happen from the core book and then ending with one of the larger ones, it's the one-shots to use in between I'm stumped on. Any recommendations? Because ther
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