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  1. Just a thought, but would it help if Brass Knuckles had Critical Strike instead of Follow Through to solve the "Adrenaline for damage or survivability" question. and to make the tarpit a bit more sticky: Quell the Riot: At the start end of this model's Activation, ...
  2. Point taken. and support master? The question of is still open. Yes, i dont know how to balance a game with a small SS pool. And yes, i have much to learn ahead of me. But balance is needed, even for a simple intro game. Balance is needed for the non-comp fun games where the VP are the backbone of a great evening and a story to tell the others who didnt had the time to show up. This is still called a game so at least try to have fun with the people you play against.
  3. if all players are willing to agree on houserules like this to balance and/or speed up the game: Deployment: each player places alternating a model(starting with the highest cost descending) (2 player) anywhere within their table half at least X" away from the centerline or objectives and Y" from any other model (x palyers) anywhere X" away from the center(line) or objectives and Y" away from enemy models Summoners: drop the line "If XXX is this Crew's Leader, increase this Upgrade's Plentiful Limitation to Plentiful (5)." other summoning abilities(Succumb To Darkness, Scorch the Soul, Careful Assembly, etc.) can only summen up to X models or models with a total cost of Y each game i dont say that this will be the solution but i think of the rules as a framework in a none competitive environment
  4. or keep it simple with samething like: +1 Minions +2 Enforcers +3 Henchmen +4 Master => Teddy 10SS (+2SS for Enforcer ) = 12SS
  5. Desperate Mercenary with Mv: 4/Rapid Fire/Sword/Clockwork Rifle (Clockwork Rifle) vs. Pistolero De Latigo with Mv: 5/Bravado/Light Pistol/Biting Insult/Reckless (Reckless+Concentrate+Light Pistol=14" with Focus for 1 dmg with trigger for Adversary (Family)) or Guard Patrol with Mv: 5/Pursue/Sword/Light Pistol/Creep Along (Creep Along+Pursue+Light Pistol=up to 15" at Stat 5 with trigger for Adversary (Guard))
  6. Sadly Adze's Firefly Trigger "Rising Flames" doesn't effect friendly models otherwise it would add Burning +4 and 1 damage to all Voodoo Curse target when hitting the Doll. Linked Fate: ... If an enemy Voodoo Doll gains a Condition, this model gains the same Condition with a total value of +1 (if applicable).
  7. PeterParkerPlays

    Test Subjects

    Am I reading this correctly to assume that: Scamper: After an enemy model within a6 Cheats Fate, this model may Push up to 2" in any direction after resolving the current Action or Ability. will trigger Shock Therapy: When this model would be Pushed, it may instead take the Charge Action after resolving the current Action. to increase the Rg from 2 to 5 and can trigger Stampede: After this model ends a Charge Action in base contact with any other models, it may suffer 1 damage. If it does so, all other models in base contact with this model suffer 1 damage. with self damage reduced to 0 thanks to Armor +1: Reduce all damage this model suffers by +1.
  8. At the moment Hayreddin's Revitalizing Ichor can be used to kill of friendly models to trigger Nekima's Enraged by Insolence or to heal as probably intended by Lelu/Lilitu's Twinned Soul or let BB proc on ability Once per Activation
  9. Isnt't Widow Weaver tax free for Collodi? Nightmare Tailor: When hiring, this model is treated as having the Puppet Keyword.
  10. What about Henchman Crew's? Helping Hand: When hiring, If this Crew's Leader is a Henchman and the same Faction as this model, this model's Cost is reduced to 0. + 2 SS for: Effigy Of Fate: During the Start Phase of Turn 3 and every Turn after, this model may be Replaced with an Emissary of Fate model that shares a Faction with this model. If it does so, the new model Heals 2. or is there a other way for Henchman to get a Totem?
  11. OB_M3E_Rulebook_1_17.2019 Flip: --When a flip is required, a player reveals the top card of their Fate Deck and adds it to the Conflict to generate a random number and/or suit. Duels: --All duels involve flipping cards and adding a stat to calculate a duel total. OB_Neverborn_Cards_1.17 Gamble Your Life: --The model with the lowest value flipped card (or the target, in the case of a tie) suffers 3/4/5 damage.
  12. OB_Neverborn_Cards_1.17 "Gamble Your Life": This model and the target both flip over the top card of their Fate Deck, which cannot be Cheated. "The Old Ways": When this model makes a duel without any Fate Modifiers, ... I would say a flip isn't a duel.
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