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  1. Just a thought, but would it help if Brass Knuckles had Critical Strike instead of Follow Through to solve the "Adrenaline for damage or survivability" question. and to make the tarpit a bit more sticky: Quell the Riot: At the start end of this model's Activation, ...
  2. Desperate Mercenary with Mv: 4/Rapid Fire/Sword/Clockwork Rifle (Clockwork Rifle) vs. Pistolero De Latigo with Mv: 5/Bravado/Light Pistol/Biting Insult/Reckless (Reckless+Concentrate+Light Pistol=14" with Focus for 1 dmg with trigger for Adversary (Family)) or Guard Patrol with Mv: 5/Pursue/Sword/Light Pistol/Creep Along (Creep Along+Pursue+Light Pistol=up to 15" at Stat 5 with trigger for Adversary (Guard))
  3. Sadly Adze's Firefly Trigger "Rising Flames" doesn't effect friendly models otherwise it would add Burning +4 and 1 damage to all Voodoo Curse target when hitting the Doll. Linked Fate: ... If an enemy Voodoo Doll gains a Condition, this model gains the same Condition with a total value of +1 (if applicable).
  4. PeterParkerPlays

    Test Subjects

    Am I reading this correctly to assume that: Scamper: After an enemy model within a6 Cheats Fate, this model may Push up to 2" in any direction after resolving the current Action or Ability. will trigger Shock Therapy: When this model would be Pushed, it may instead take the Charge Action after resolving the current Action. to increase the Rg from 2 to 5 and can trigger Stampede: After this model ends a Charge Action in base contact with any other models, it may suffer 1 damage. If it does so, all other models in base contact with this model suffer 1 damage. with self damage reduced to 0 thanks to Armor +1: Reduce all damage this model suffers by +1.
  5. At the moment Hayreddin's Revitalizing Ichor can be used to kill of friendly models to trigger Nekima's Enraged by Insolence or to heal as probably intended by Lelu/Lilitu's Twinned Soul or let BB proc on ability Once per Activation
  6. Isnt't Widow Weaver tax free for Collodi? Nightmare Tailor: When hiring, this model is treated as having the Puppet Keyword.
  7. What about Henchman Crew's? Helping Hand: When hiring, If this Crew's Leader is a Henchman and the same Faction as this model, this model's Cost is reduced to 0. + 2 SS for: Effigy Of Fate: During the Start Phase of Turn 3 and every Turn after, this model may be Replaced with an Emissary of Fate model that shares a Faction with this model. If it does so, the new model Heals 2. or is there a other way for Henchman to get a Totem?
  8. OB_M3E_Rulebook_1_17.2019 Flip: --When a flip is required, a player reveals the top card of their Fate Deck and adds it to the Conflict to generate a random number and/or suit. Duels: --All duels involve flipping cards and adding a stat to calculate a duel total. OB_Neverborn_Cards_1.17 Gamble Your Life: --The model with the lowest value flipped card (or the target, in the case of a tie) suffers 3/4/5 damage.
  9. OB_Neverborn_Cards_1.17 "Gamble Your Life": This model and the target both flip over the top card of their Fate Deck, which cannot be Cheated. "The Old Ways": When this model makes a duel without any Fate Modifiers, ... I would say a flip isn't a duel.
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