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  1. Yes, if I agree. I don't like the change. I was just trying to understand the reason for changing it, but it does not seem right neither this nor the spoiled of the Woe.
  2. They would consider it excessive to grow from young to mature in turn 1. But this change I do not like anything and leaves the BBS in bad place
  3. Seeing the new rules of lucid dreams maybe it is fine to put Euripides with the Dreamer. You can see the cards with Intuition or use them with The Old Ways, although I do not think both masters have much synergy.
  4. You can not remove both the young in the same activation since grim feast is a bonus action To do that you need Nekima to use hurl corpse with a ram
  5. He also scores if he is dead at the end of the game
  6. I do not think so. In the description it says if it receives damage from actions or triggers, not from abilities. Black Blood: After this model suffers damage from an Action or Trigger, every model within (x) suffers 1 damage. This model ignores damage caused by Black Blood. What it does seem is that it works with triggers and friendly actions.
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