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  1. veydan

    Nakajima Aiko at level 3

    ok, I feel foolish. Found that grim feast now heals. Hang my head in shame. Feel free to just delete this thread.
  2. I know this is super late to ask, but what exactly were her upgrades ? All I saw was one more hit point from a higher toughness.
  3. I'm no authority on this, but I'll share my opinion. On page 28 of the bestiary (which is possessed Tsundue) it mentions how he was biding his time to strike and seize the Obsidian Gate, but with the arrival of the fated, he has decided to seek the aid of his allies(?!?) the Gyalpo. Unfortunately for him, the Asura that he summoned did not share his viewpoint. So even sans gem, he was going to summon anyway; all due to those meddling PCs.
  4. Thank ye kindly. I was thinking about it and figured that even if it was a magic spell, he could sit down for a minute and get the 5 of tomes eventually. Not exactly a combat ability.
  5. Is his mechanical engineering ability a manifested power? I just want to know if I should apply the negative flips for being earth side.
  6. veydan

    Fated Progression Questions

    Also, I may be misinterpreting you here, but there is not usually a 'win' or 'lose' at the end of a session. An RPG is not like a boardgame, with a clear winner and loser. If your character dies in an RPG you might consider it a fitting end to his story, not a 'you lost the game' moment. Again, I might just be reading your words in the wrong way.
  7. veydan

    The Witch Hunters

    It's sad to say, but the best way to play a higher up in the Witch Hunter division is not to be one. Bear with me: In 'Into the Steam' the Infiltrator Profession has access to a ability called Infiltration, and this ability allows access to assets of a certain organization of your choice. So, your status as a 'Witchling Handler' allows you to request a minion and an enforcer of your organization. Say Hello to your new friends Witchling Stalker and Witchling Thrall. Splash some Overseer for your command tricks, a little sorcery skill for the fire tricks and finally a touch of heavy melee skill for those delicious greatsword tricks; and viola everything you ever wanted, with none of that pesky 'Loyalty' to worry about. Funnily enough, if you wanted to go the Samuel Hopkins route just take some notice, track, and pistol skills (maybe some counterspelling for flavour). Pretty straight-forward guy, he is. That's not to say that a little talk with your FM beforehand could save you all this trouble. The magic of this game happens when the two of you work together and make something (or someone) memorable.