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  1. Dancater is so right. My first model after the M&SU box was the electric creation. Gmort and the online building instruction preserved my sanity. The flashbacks still haut ne everynow and then, thouh.
  2. Week´s been a bit slow in regard to painting due to an exam. I managed to get one performer almost finished, however: That miniature photography 101? Still haven´t watched it I continued with the second performer because I like her skirt better. I´m content with how she turned out except for the white mid part. Not enough contrast there despite four layers. Guess I need to start with a darker colour to make that come out better. Alas, white is a difficult colour after all. I might get the hair and head thingy done tonight. General observation: I am slooooow. That´s noticeably improving already, though.
  3. I had some trouble taking decent pictures of these girls. 1st performer was shot using a PowerShot SX230. Quality´s much better in the 2nd picture, where I wasn´t able to properly focus on the face. So I switched to my wife´s EOS 100D. The latter, however, is rather unfogiving in its quality. Looks much better than the picture suggests. I am also not savvy enough to insert the pictures into this post in a satisfactory way so I´ll just link the gallery: On a related note: Is there a way to delete a gallery? Fiddling arounf with the options I ended up creating two, which seems excessive. I believe some 101s on miniature photography and editing are in order... Honestly, I´d like to get some stuff painted at all, preferably on a level that looks good on the table. However, Im not adverse to learning some advanced techniques once I am happy with my progress. But really, getting paint on the stuff I play is where it´s at.
  4. Hi there I have to make a confession: I have been the worst kind of painter for most of my tabletop career (and I´ve been into the hobby since 40k´s 2nd edition). I have piles of miniatures stashed away and most of them are either primed or silver/grey. My painting endeavour has always been on and off, with the emphasis on off. BUT my latest venture has been into the world of Malifaux where good things are going to happen because I will finally paint stuff. Seriously. Here´s what I have bought so far: The M&SU Smoke and Mirrors Claw and Fang Troubleshooters Angelica Johan I´ve also ordered Beacon of Knowledge and Carlos Vasquez but neither has arrived yet (which, considering the stuff above, is not really a problem ). Now, what is this thread supposed to achieve, you may ask. Standard fare, really. I will paint things and hopefully post pictures with some regularity. Yesterday evening I´ve done the skin on both Smoke and Mirrors performers and will put up a picture soon. Considering how inexperienced I actually am as a painter I´m really happy with the results. I would greatly appreciate feedback and, failing to update this every now and then, gentle mocking
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