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  1. Good afternoon, Diving Charge : This model may declare the Charge Action while engaged. When this model takes the Charge Action, it ignores terrain while moving and can move through other models. Even with this ability you can only charge once per activation right? Thank you,
  2. Good afternoon, I am wanting to be sure I understand this correctly going to first tournament Sunday and sure it will come up. If I have Lazarus make a successful TN check Grenade Launcher Shockwave Attack Action placing a Shockwave marker next to the Desolation Engine, then Lazarus does NOT need to make a Terrifying check since he is not targeting the Desolation Engine? Thank you,
  3. Good evening, I have attached the back of Jack Daw's card to the help with my question. His Drawn to Betrayal ability and Punishment Trigger both say ignoring other models. I just am trying to be clear then if I moved a Guilty with one of said actions they could move through other models during this push? Thank you,
  4. Good evening, I am emailing to clarify Take Prisoner scheme for M3. "Secretly choose an enemy Minion or Enforcer" Just wanting to be clear if I choose a minion for example Death Marshal and opponent is running 3. I have to specify which Death Marshall I am notating when I pick this scheme right and that it does not work for any Death Marshall?
  5. Good evening, M2 required LOS for charges. Lady Justice had specific benefit she did not require LOS. In M3 do you require LOS to Charge?
  6. Good evening, This question slightly relates to a previous question I asked about damaging buried models and there seems to be some ignoring of ability if part of effect cannot happen. Curse of the Hanged Man: At the start of this model's Activation, it may discard a card and suffer 2 irreducibly damage to discard this Upgrade. My question is if the player has no hand by the time they activate this model can they still suffer the 2 irreducible damage to discard the Upgrade or since they have no hand they cannot get rid of the Upgrade? Thank you for your time and patience.
  7. Sorry still not sure clear with responses, does Killjoy when killed while buried does his Demise trigger again or does it get ignored since he is already buried?
  8. Good evening, My opponent's Killjoy has been killed and his Demise ability triggered. He healed 4 and is Buried. My question is if I deal 4 damage to him while he is buried with a Guild Marshall Recruiter does his Demise ability trigger again and he just Heals again and stay Buried or is he killed now. Also add on question, if a Guild Marshall Recruiter has two enemies in base to base with him. If successful can he Pine Box the two different enemy models or is it a one Buried model per turn effect? Thank you for your time and patience.
  9. Good afternoon, I understand you cannot score the same scheme twice in a turn. But can you score two different schemes if they include the same scheme marker? For example I have one scheme marker on my opponents half of the table base to base with a piece of terrain. I then have another marker in the enemy deployment zone base to base with a different piece of terrain, with a friendly model and no enemy models within 3". At the end of turn could I score the Reveal for both Breakthrough and Search the Ruins? Thank you for your time and patience. Thank you,
  10. Good morning, I am sure these seem obvious but just want to be sure. Enemy model deals 3 irreducible damage does that bypass the 3 health remaining model with Hard to Kill ? Does it also negate Jack Daw's Undying ability, "When this model suffers damage, it may discard a card. If it does so, the damage this model suffers is changed to 1 irreducible damage." Thank you,
  11. Good afternoon, I am posting to regarding some clarification on the Pale Rider' s Revel in Conflict tactical action and his Chasing Fate. To trigger Revel in Conflict you need 1 ram. To trigger his Hatred Unleashed trigger you need 4 rams. So to be clear do we need a total of 5 rams or 4 rams in the final duel total? Thank you,
  12. Good afternoon, I am wanting some clarification with the new M3 rules for hiring for dual faction and keyword clarification. I am on the step of start game declaring Faction Outcasts and choose as my leader Jack Daw. Since I have declared him as my Leader he and his totem are free or to be specific cost 0. When I am hiring however is where I am not clear. When hiring since I chose Outcast can I only hire TORMENTED Outcast models at no penalty? Can I hire hire Resurrectionist TORMENTED models like the Hanged? And if so do I have to pay additional soulstone points since they were not part of the declared faction? Thank you for your help, time and patience. Thank you,
  13. Good evening, I have a Friekorpsmann within 2" of Lazarus that gives him Cover. Santiago Ortega walks up into engagement with the Friekorpsman and then does his Custom Peacebringer attack on the Freikorpsmann. Since Santiago has Gunfighter which treats any of his gun icon actions have a melee symbol range 1" then Friekorpsmann does not receive the Cover bonus right? Thank you for your time and patience.
  14. Good afternoon, I am new to the game and have a few questions that came up in a friendly game last night. I was playing Lady Justice and my friend was playing his Jakob Lynch box. We setup a large 1" tall blocking square terrain piece side by side with a 2" tall blocking square terrain piece. Lady Justice was pushed down off the 2" tall blocking terrain feature a total of 5 inches due to a Beckoner. I then activated Lady Justice to try charge up the 2" tall blocking terrain piece, it was simply a 12" x 12" 2" high box to be specific. My first question is can she charge directly up a flat surface or must it have been defined as "climbable" at the beginning of the game rather than "blocking"? Second question reverse Beckoner is 5 inches from her on the ground and Lady Justice is now on the 2" tall blocking terrain piece. Can Lady Justice declare a charge off that elevation and move in a straight line to end in her engagement or do the the falling negate that?
  15. Good afternoon, I am new to the game and enjoying it greatly yet still have a few uncertainties. Tucked in seems to be the only way to reduce Waking Conditions off The Dreamer though I reread the condition and it states it may not be removed by the Actions of other friendly models. What about Abilities of other friendly models? Scion of the Black Blood has an Ability Blessings of the Blood and it states Friendly models which begin their Activation within 6 AURA of this model may discard 2 cards at the start of their activation to end all conditions on them. Does this then remove all Waking Conditions if Dreamer discards 2 cards? Thank you, John
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