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  1. Going back to the original topic, i would like to give my two cents. I played some games , and also me and my opponent agree that the game is less fun, probably is more balanced , but we find it totally boring. Strategy are terrible in our opinion 90% of the time models are spending ap meaningless, because they can't contribute to the victory condition. Masters are really weak, they are not fun to play with and against, they really feel like models with 3 AP and enhanced survivability. Offense has been nerfed while defense is mostly the same all around, meaning that if you want to do something reliably you must have a high card to cheat. Getting 2 strategy point is very easy, getting 3 and 4 points it's very very hard. This leads to no chance of winning for a "strat heavy crew" since the opponent will just kill your models faster than you can get points. Strategy must get a massive rework, they are not fun, you should be able to score more than one strategy point in the same turn. Most masters should get back their stats from m2e, masters should be the hearth of the game they must do incredible things/be very strong at killing models maybe some of them were too oppressive in m2e but now most masters are too weak.
  2. Gose


    no problem with the mini is in the easter sale
  3. Gose


    was thinking about using some models from PP (dunno if it's turnament legal). Bull snapper and kell bailoch could do a perfect mcTavish on a 50 mm base.
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    He has a pseudo ap with his 0 action. I'm planning to use him with wong the only problem is that there isn't a release date for him.
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