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    which masters to add to starter set

    I did not know Witchling's were one piece. Sonnia just went very high on my list.
  2. Hello So I help run a club and people mostly the 16+ students been asking to have a look at malifaux. so I probably gonna get the starter set, so I'm thinking of adding masters and their crews later. But what masters would be good? I've got Lilith box set, but I messed up the Lilith model so I may have to rebuy (i can use the spare models for the club as painting practice) I'm wondering of if the Perdita box. But would that be too unbalanced? any other ideas let me know. Thanks
  3. BionicRope64

    Assembling Lilith

    So I've finally got my first malifaux models (Lilith's people) but there's an issue. I can't assemble Lilith. It looks here head supposed to slot in the collar of her coat. But the collars not big enough. I've shaved the neck and the collar down and smoothed it, expect for the part connection. But the head is just too big. I wondering if other people have had the same issue. I'm not great at model making but I've done Loads of Infinity and some Warmachine so I am good with tiny Mini's. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  4. BionicRope64

    new player with questions

    I was about to come on here and ask roughly the same questions @dannydb. Nice to know I'm not the only person worried about assembling. I have been doing a lot of Warmachine stuff recently I've had good success with Gorilla glue, but they don't do a small point so that could be hard for Wyrd miniatures. I will say if you can get it you can get little hobby clips on a base ( I don't know what they're actually called). That can help hold stuff in place.
  5. BionicRope64

    Hello from Wiltshire (UK)

    Hello. So I looking at MAlifaux for a long time and finally might get round to it. As I know someone who wants to try it. So anyone on here plays in the UK around Wiltshire area (long shot I know, but never hurts) Other reasons I'm here I'm looking at the starting set, I also want to get Lilith with it. Possibly go Arcanists (Mei Feng). Generally, I just go for models I like the look of rather than the fraction. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello see if there was anyo0ne nearby. Hopefully, I can finally get a game in.
  6. As The Title says I live in the UK. Getting the models over here is harder. Can anyone suggest good websites? I mainly use Firestorm and Elemental Games. Also for the malifaux special models is there any way to get them in UK without having to buy from Wyrd's web store? Becuase postage and packaging on that will be very expensive.
  7. BionicRope64

    New guys wants to get in but worried about modle qauilty

    AHHH yes. Experienced with models, Yes. any good at making models? not really. Still, I like to take my time and if I managed Infinity Models somehow. Then I manage these models.
  8. Hello SO I been interested din Malifaux. Bought the 2nd edition rule book. But never really had time to get into it. But I do love the design style, the lore and the rules are really interesting. Currently, I'm into Infinity and picked up some age of Sigmar. Use to be 40k player but don;t care for the gameplay anymore. I gotta ask. What are the models like? I know their plastic but some of them look really thin breakable. Would GW glue work for them or would I need better glue? Particularly as I'm looking at Mei Feng as my first master. But I'm worried she gonna be difficult for my first build. If so maybe Sonnia. I'm just collecting they masters I like the look of not all one fraction. Any advice would be nice. Thank you
  9. BionicRope64

    Considering Malifaux

    Well that was very quick responses. Thanks. Will probably go Lady J for the moment pick up Rasputina later.
  10. BionicRope64

    Considering Malifaux

    Hello. Long time wargammer in Wiltshire, UK. Spent most my life doing GW games. But moved away from them. Tried Infinty and really liked that. I'm considering picking up Malifaux but struggling on first master. I decided to collect masters not fractions. But have 4 masters I really like look of. Who would be better for a beginner? Lady Justice or Sonnia Criid vs. Rasputina or Kaeris. On that note. Does anyone know what the new 2 Player starter set is like? I got a couple of friends who are interested. Can the models in that be used in Guild/Arcanists? Finally. What is the lore like? I really like good background story and artwork (only reason i still like 40k is the lore). It looks good but I’d like to know if it’s worth it before I spend my money on the big book. Thanks for any advice. Edit: This was posted yesterday. Then the forum was rolled back and topic was lost (for me at least). So thanks for the people who did respond, advice was good. One other question: I’m being to learn to draw. I really like Malifaux’s art style. Any idea where I can find more examples of the art? Thanks.