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    Our goal is to bring to the customers the unique and refined models of highest quality. Each of our miniature goes a very long way from concept to design, sketch and sculpture. Our artists and sculptors are among the best in the industry. We ensure that our products meets the highest expectations of our customers!

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  1. You can buy and find more infos about the mini HERE: http://www.kabukimodels.com/home/188-little-red-riding-hood.html
  2. Ladies, Gentlemen and Wolves...our Little Red Riding Hood is finally available for purchase! You can buy her RIGHT HERE!
  3. A fresh update on the DRAGON QUEEN, this time we'll show you the pin-up in detail, she's almost done and currently we're revising her leg and bra. Again thanks to Reddraws for the Amazing character design and Alfonso Prieto Sarri for the digital sculpting.
  4. Our digital sculptor Alfonso is doing an excellent job on the Dragon Queen model, now the pin-up is almost done (just some minor fixing and finishings) and the dragon as well! We're going to revise some spikes and other details that would be too complicated to print, but you already have a good picture of how the finished model will look! Remember: The pin-up will be 30mm tall.
  5. Our Little Red Riding Hood is now available for all you hungry wolves! You can easily purchase her on our webstore! Follow us on facebook and twitter for more news!
  6. The DWARF BEER MAIDEN is available at our store! Just go HERE! Thanks again to Reddraws or the amazing concept art, to Szabolcs Matefy for the digital scultpure and to Simon Moon for the (incoming) boxart! For more infos about Kabuki Models, you can follow our facebook and our twitter!
  7. Thanks! Check out the link in the description if you want more infos about the paintjob!
  8. The work on CELESTIAL KNIGHT is going on pretty much well! Irek 3D is doing an excellent job because the amount of details and textures is simply insane! It's the final model in the Knights Of Legend range and we want to give you our very best. It should be finished in the next 2 weeks. The miniature will be 50mm tall at the eyes and cast in urethane resin. For more upcoming infos, follow our facebook and our twitter!
  9. This is the very first wip screen of the "Queen Of The Dragons" created by Reddraws and digitally sculpted by Alfonso Prieto Sarri. She's 30mm (the pin-up) and will be cast in urethane resin. Release date: Summer 2015
  10. KabukiModels

    First Knight by Kabuki Models

    You'll fine all the infos about the mini HERE: http://www.kabukimodels.com/knights-of-legend/180-first-knight.html
  11. KabukiModels

    Alien Hunter by Kabuki Models

    For more infos about the miniature, go HERE: http://www.kabukimodels.com/stand-alone/144-alien-hunter.html
  12. KabukiModels

    Ghost Knight - Knight of Legends

    For more infos about this mini, check out Kabuki Models' website: http://www.kabukimodels.com/knights-of-legend/131-ghost-knight.html
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