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  1. Fair point. Turns out, I was cheating in desperation. Thankfully we have a reduction to work with now.
  2. I played a Henchman led game with Toshiro and Mortimer against a Hayreddin Nephilim Crew last night. Agreed the 11 Crow is too high. I wasn't able to Raise a single Ashigaru for the entire game. There were plenty of Corpse counters lying around but I didn't land a high Crow card in any Control Hand. I even tried a couple of Focused blind Flips in desperation... The lowered Stat and Higher TN was a double blow for a once per turn Summon. Either would have been good enough to tone it down. It's gone the other way now. I know you could take/use Stones but that seems like an overkill requirement for a once per turn Summon Action. Especially considering the ease with which Terror Tots were appearing and Nephilim were growing like a horde around me...
  3. The below might resolve the OP's question about Abilities interacting: Page 35 END PHASE 1. Upkeep Refer to text “if the order in which multiple effects would resolve would affect the outcome, then the affected model’s owning player determines the order in which they are resolved”. Start with effect Burning +1: this model suffers +1 damage, equal to Burning Condition value, Interrupt the Burning Condition resolution with Purifying Fire and heal damage instead - Fire Gamin now refers to Saracenar’s Plight but has not received any damage. Remove Burning Condition. - Golem now does not end the Burning Condition due to Forged in Fire and ignores the second part cause it didn’t suffer damage anyway (Rail Golem resolved). The Gamin and Golem would need to be in range of the Aura but this seems like a logical resolution order for the owning player. All three are Abilities and they are all interacting with the Burning Condition during Upkeep.
  4. I raised the question with Baskinders because the Ability says Walks up to 4", directly towards the... This is what makes it different to a regular Walks or Walk. It's coincidental that it's up to 4" which just so happens to be the same limit as Treasure Hunt. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it didn't have those two extra restrictions. That's why I thinks it's different to a walk action. I'm not disagreeing with anything posted previously. I can see it being ruled either way. We were just looking for clarification. Thanks for everyone's help.
  5. I'm one of Baskinders reguLar gaming opponents and we were discussing Always for Hire today. We agreed that probably no one use this ability anyway. The negatives for bringing a Ronin into play in this way, far outweigh the positives of simply hiring one into your crew. We agreed that the ability is probably meant to make a model with the use soulstones ability spend 1 AP and 5ss in the activation phase and then summon a Ronin in the Closing Phase. I doubt I'll ever use it. Summon is already balanced by the summoned model gaining Slow. Only having the summoned show up in the Closing Phase means you lose the element of surprise. I suggest dropping the "during the closing phase" from the ability. Then Always for Hire would be totally ninja! ... But maybe a little OP? I'll admit that I'm a little biased as I'll be taking my 5 Ronin against his Marcus crew tomorrow *grin*
  6. Thanks Headcase2. Sanity prevails on the Viks counting as one master. Yeah I didn't really foresee the double use of First Blood being a legitimate option. I was just surprised that you could nominate one of the Viks rather than both for Assassinate. I'll test my search-fu and see if I can find the later ruling. Thanks again.
  7. So, my opponent took the Assassinate scheme against my sword armed Vik and used the ruling from the Assassinate the Dreamer thread in Resolved Rules (see link below) where the Assassinate Scheme can nominate either one of the Viktorias and you only have to kill one not both. In the end it didn't matter at all as he killed both with Nico. However, expanding on that ruling, I'm wondering if you can take First Blood twice? Once by each Viktoria. Page 73 of the RM says that "A player may choose one Master Specific Scheme per Master in their crew. It seems fair enough. Surely opponents of the Viks can't have it both ways? http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?20897-Assassinate-the-Dreamer
  8. Does the Waldgeist Entangle trigger remain as an ongoing effect in the following turns? Or does it end in the Closing Phase? It just seems like an incredibly powerful trigger if it lasts for the entire game!?!
  9. Thanks Alex and magicpockets. Ah yes, I saw the V2 card today. All makes sense now. Cheers for your help!
  10. New to Malifaux and played my first game last night. My opponent used Marcus, the Jackalope and 2 Silurid in his crew in a Companion link up. Marcus, the Jackalope (within 6" to the left of Marcus) and one Silurid (within 6" to the right of Marcus) should be totally fine thanks to Pack Leader being used on the Silurid. My question is, can that Silurid then bring in the other Silurid (within 6" to the right of first Silurid) thanks to Pack as part of the same simultaneous activation? There's an excellent example of Companion by Keltheos elsewhere on the forums but the Pack rule link to the second Silurid threw me. I was thinking it couldn't because it doesn't have Companion or Dude. Wicked combo if it can be done. Just checking.
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