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  1. Germany still waiting. There are no reliable information. What's the matter? Does Wyrd lost the tracking ID? Does the locale distributor violated some contract
  2. Bye the way, dying doesn't mean that the character is gone. Don't forget that there are quite a lot of UNDAED ... Why not making Lady Justice to Dead Justice? (again?)
  3. oh this won't be a problem. She hates to read rules and she doesn't cares a lot about how play it the right way. Looking at our last game sessions, we wouldn't even need any rules. The most important part is the story
  4. quite a lot of skills to use a pneumatic limb. Thanks for your help! Sometimes it's better to read twice. Now I see the rules.
  5. Thanks for thr answer. now I get it! that's the story with the "multiple Combat skills". so pneumatic without an other weapon skill is useless. A you sure about the damge rating? I guess there is no different between pneumatic rank3 and pugilism rank2 or vice versa. since I can use the higher skill instead. the damage rating is in both ways like pugilism rank3.
  6. Hello everyone, the Cross Roads Tarot offered me a Indentured Servant. So pneumatics is my fated skill. according to the skill I can use pneumatics limbs as weapons (see the quote) But I can't find any link how to use a limb in empty hand fighting. At present we use pneumatics in the same way as pugilism, with the positive damage twist from pneumatic weapons. Does anyone have a better rule? or is there a rule in the book which I didn't see?
  7. her! next one! Player: Rabenstein Country: Germany State: Baden-W├╝rttemberg City: Freiburg Gaming Club: www.warhammer-freiburg.net/forum Thanks alot!
  8. CRC, that's the same conclusion we did discuss in our local Group. at present we play it that way. for the Rail Golem we are still not sure, either you can choose to use pruifying flame or the forged in fire or forged in fire is dominat.
  9. but that's the different. they aren't immune. i would agree if they are immune. let me rewrite the question: does a modell heal wounds equal to its burning value or the wounds they would suffer from burning (after appplying any modification?
  10. ohjeaha, this was a good hint. but I won't agree with your conclusion. you have to complete one ability fully. this means you can use either Kaeris Upgrade or the Rail Golems ability. If you whish to heal wounds on the Golem you have to end the Burning Condition.
  11. I see, it's not that easy as it looks like. Let's make it a bit more complicated. I guess the important part is the meaning of "they heal that amount of damage". Does that mean the damage the would suffer from the burning condition without modification (burning 2 means 2 damage) or the damage after applying any prevention (burning 2 + armor 1 means 1 damage)? What about the first sentence from the Rail Golem as well as the upgrade. They do not suffer damage from the Burning Condition. Since the upgrade on it's own says the do not suffer damage, they can not heal any damage. Instead is the keyword. That's why it could mean that do heal the wounds equal to the burning value. On the other hand, wouldn't they write the "heal wounds equal to the burning condition"? In our last games we decided that it won't work. Otherwise my Rail Golem would heal about 5 to 9 wounds each round, thanks to the Captain! sounds a bit broken...
  12. That's the way I would prefer it (for the Rail Golem). But you can argue, since they do not suffer damage, there is no need to reduce the damage...
  13. Hello everyone, heres a Question to a Kaeris upgrade: Does either the Rail Golem or a Fire Gamin heal Wounds due the upgrade Purifying Fire? These are the rule printed on the respective cards Upgrade Kaeris: "Purifying Fire: Friendly models within (a)6 do not suffer damage from the Burning Condition. Instead, they heal that amount of damage." Fire Gamin: "Saracenar's Plight: Reduce the damage this model suffers from the Burning Condition to 0." Rail Golem: "Forged in Fire: At the end of the Turn, this model does not end its Burning Condition and it does not suffer damage from the Burning Condition." Thanks for your help!
  14. That's true. And you're wasting to much time just focusing on teddy. But it's good to know and there are a lot of other "once per turn" actions/spells, the widow was just an example
  15. Is it realy that way? looks like I can use the Widow as a factory... Thanks for the clarification.
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