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  1. We're up to ten players now, but more are always welcome.
  2. current signups updated The Faction War kicks off this coming Monday, the 14th! Join the fun!
  3. I will be updating Signups in the main post as they come in so you can see which faction has the most followers to help you decide where your alleigance lies.
  4. Hey guys, After taking a few weeks off, I am organizing another Monday night league at Pandemonium in Garden City, MI. This time I am going for a more storyline driven league so we enter FACTION WARS Starting Monday June 14th and running through July 26th $5 to signup (one time fee) Choose your faction when signing up (there is no limit to the number of players in any one faction, but those of you owning multiple crews may consider changing faction before week 2 begins to prevent overkill or maybe you don't wanna share the prize with that many people... heh) Each week players will recieve an email with Faction pairings, standings, contact info and that weeks chronicle. The chronicle will be a newspaper for the league where the storyline is detailed, challenges between players (from different or the same faction for that matter) can be advertised, perhaps you feel the neverborn are getting upity so you could try to lead a crusade against them in the coming week... the options are limitless HECK! Josh can advertise (he better actually) Twilight Emporium in it. Players may also submit there own scrap reports with or without pictures. Once Factions are paired (and since there are currently 5 you may occasionally find your faction is fighting two fronts) players are free to choose their opponents from the opposing pool of players. You will be expected to play 2 Scraps a week (same opponent or somebody else from the pool) or 1 Brawl at 50 SS OR you can organize a multiplayer game with others of your faction and their opponents if all are in agreement. Players will setup their encounters as per pg 90 of the rules and this also includes agreeing on the Soulstone amount for each game. We recommend 25 to 35 for Scraps and if you get a multiplayer game going, more than that will just bog the game down, use your best judgement. Prizes All entry fees will go into a pool that will be awarded to the faction that earns the highest average of points throughout the league. Initially, the pool is to be divided evenly, but factions will be encouraged to award a bonus to any outstanding players who helped (or carried everybody) their faction get such high scores. Pandemonium will also be randomly giving away a painted Guild Peacekeeper to one member of the league And of course Pandemonium continues offering a 10% discount on any Malifaux purchase made on Mondays This post will be updated with the current signups as they come in to show how many players are in each faction to help people choose when they sign up. This is sure to be a ton of fun see you guys there Signup in Store or declare your faction in this thread. Please PM me email so that I can send you a copy of the league handout for further explanation of rules and points. Current Faction Signups Jason Lucas - Arcanist Stephen Less - Outcast Jeremy Thomas - Ressurectionists John Spieker - Ressurectionists Josh Powers - Ressurectionists Brian Elsworth - Neverborn Chuck Tornow - Arcanists Scott Morgan - Guild Matt Glotfelty - Neverborn Jeff Ekonen - Guild
  5. Sweet sounding Con Josh! Try to stop by and see you there. The gaming tables you build are awesome!
  6. Hey Guys, So after much thought, I begin my next experiment. League 2 for Malifaux will be FREE entry. Here are some of the details. WHEN? Monday March 22nd thru Monday April 26th (Players may sign up any time during league) League players usually arrive starting around 6pm Entry Fee: Free DETAILS Choose your faction when signing up All encounters will be Scraps until weeks 4 and 5 where you can play a Brawl instead Each week you earn more Soulstones to build your crew starting with 25 Soulstones Players will be scheduled against an opponent each week, and will play 2 games Setup each encounter as per the Rulebook on pg 90 So your crew can be different each Scrap (declared faction Masters only) Each week players will be emailed the schedule and standings Soulstone allowance for the League March 22nd = 25 SS March 29th = 30 SS April 5th = 35 SS April 12th = 35 SS or a 50 SS Brawl April 19th = 35 SS or a 50 SS Brawl April 26th = Multi-player games and prizes! PRIZES Prizes will be awarded to; 1st place Outcast Ronin painted and set in display base Best in Faction Certificates Take advantage of a 10% discount on any Malifaux Purchase made on Monday nights at Pandemonium. For those of you who played in League 1, we are continuing in the same method of play with some minor changes. Scoring has switched to a Tournament Scoring method, i.e. 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss, etc. Pickup games are worth one point A player handout including all current errata and faq's will be on hand on Mondays and all players will recieve a copy via email. I am moving away from the Leagues being prize driven so people can concentrate on having fun. After this league, I do hope participants will chime in on whether or not, this is what they want or would they rather pay $5 per League for additional prizes. A pic of the Ronin will be posted once its completed.
  7. Just bumping this up and reminding anyone attending not to forget to adjust your clock for Daylight Savings, we spring forward 1 hour this Sunday morning. And a new league will be starting this Monday the 15th as well.
  8. Sorry for the delay, first post has been edited for the correct info. But yes, I ask all 3 lists be from the same faction.
  9. Here is a link to the details on the website http://www.pandemonium-online.com/Downloads/MarchMadnessTournament.pdf Where: Pandemonium 1858 Middlebelt Rd Garden City, MI When: Sunday March 14th Doors open at 12 noon, event to begin at 1pm Entry: $10 What to bring?: Players should bring all materials needed in order to play, including miniatures, counters, pen/pencil etc. Players need to bring up to 3 different 30 Soulstone Crew lists (same faction for each please) for a SCRAP encounter. You will need 2 copies of any lists you bring for Organizer approval. What to expect: Players will compete in 3 rounds of play. Each round will be 2 hours long. Tables will be setup with terrain in advance and pairings will draw their location when seated, otherwise players will setup their encounter as normal in the Malifaux Rulebook pg 90 +. Prizes will be awarded to 1st - 4th place and a consolation prize for last. Working on random giveaways as well, more details to follow. A player handout will be available on Pandemonium's website shortly. Custom Terrain and Tables from Twilight Emporium will be on display and used during this tournament.
  10. So currently running with 12 players, there are still opportunities to sign up if you wish. Starting this Monday, the SS allotment goes up to 30.
  11. Just a reminder, anybody can join even after we start this monday. We got about 5 players lined up already, but there are more expected to join. Hope to see you there.
  12. My shift starts at 5pm, I have all you need to try the game out, but feel free to bring your own models if you wish. I can be ready at 5 to run demos. We have also received our restock after the christmas sale, so we have almost everything in at the moment. if people are looking for mins.
  13. Hey guys, Pandemonium will be running a casual league for Malifaux starting on Monday Jan 11th and running thru Monday Feb 22nd. This will be a very casual League to help introduce players to Malifaux and give them a night of the week where they can come in and enjoy the game. Cost: $10 Players will be matched up with an opponent each week and will play 2 games against that player. You and your opponent are free to schedule your games to avoid conflicts but there will be incentives to coming into the store on Malifaux Mondays to get your League games in. DETAILS League players will declare their FACTION when signing up, All encounters will be SCRAPS. Players will begin the League with a pool of 25 Soulstones and every two weeks you will gain 5 Soulstones. You and your opponent will setup your encounter as listed in the Malifaux Rulebook pgs 90-103 This means your crew can change from game to game. The only restriction on League encounters are the following; Players are limited to 1 Scheme per Encounter Score sheets and weekly Standings will be available in the store. Weekly Pairings will be posted in store and emailed to players. Standings will be based on total VP’s earned. After 6 weeks, on Monday February 22nd, Malifaux Monday will host multiplayer games as an ending to the League and Prizes will be awarded to the winners. These include; Best in Faction Uncle Jimmy’s Soulstone Recharging Service and of course Overall Winner. Signup in the store today! Malifaux Mondays Any League players playing their game on Mondays get a 10% discount on any Malifaux purchase in the store. Pandemonium will be offering a Random Prize at the end of the League as well. All players get an entry in the drawing, but those who play their League games on Mondays get additional entries in the drawing for each game played at the store. This prize is not taken out of the entry fee and is an added incentive to play in store on Malifaux Mondays. You may proxy a miniature for any currently unreleased figure, but it should be appropriate. If you wish to play in the league but cannot come up to the store due to work schedule, we will email you all necessary paperwork if you must play off site. But again, there are incentives to be up here on Mondays. Have a friend who is thinking on trying it out, but won't commit? Bring them along and ask for Matt Weaver, demos are happily offered with everything you need to try the game out.
  14. http://wyrd-games.net/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=3017&ppuser=2625 Yes, I know, about bloody time. Here is a link to the gallery where we posted pictures of the event.
  15. Let's see my schedule for that weekend.... Saturday the 19th... going to Cinci to run a YGO Tournament.. drive back to Detroit that same evening... Meet up with Parius (cuz he will kill me if I back out of going) and drive back to Kettering for the charity event I get to play in. You'll know its me when you see the idiot trying to play Viktoria's crew while trying to stay vertical and awake. I can see it now.... "You really wanna move there?" "I know what I am doing thank you very muchzzzzsnrrckznzzzzzzzz"
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