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Iron Painter 2015 Round 1


Nature or Nurture?

What's a goblin ninja doing in a dungeon? What is a goblin ninja?! This is Iron Painter, not 20 questions!

Malabar trained for years, studying the art of Ninjutsu. He traveled the land, learning under the best teachers to become a master of stealth and deception, avoidance and misdirection, disguise and concealment. Among the goblins, his skills were without equal.

Finally, after training most of his life, he was ready to put his skills to use and seek his fortune. Almost immediately as he entered the dungeon, he thought that he had found his treasure. What he actually found was another creature with the exact same skills, only they were innate, not learned. Will Malabar overcome his surprise or become a snack?


© Stan Gregory

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Round 1 - Fool's Gold

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