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  1. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015 Round 1

    Ha! Great point! Hopefully +1 on theme for that, I'm going to need it!
  2. Thryth

    Iron Painter Round 1 Entry- Constantine

    Brilliant. Perfect miniature choice.
  3. Thryth

    Liquid Gold

    That is some really clean and subtle painting!
  4. Thryth

    Pellejo Bill

    Looks like some buttery-smooth painting! Very nice.
  5. Thryth


    I think that "wow" sums it up for me.
  6. Thryth

    Select the right chest

    Ninja versus Mimic! Great minds think alike.
  7. Thryth

    Whiskey Dragon

    Very cute and inventive piece.
  8. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015 Round 1

    Wow. I can't un-see that video!
  9. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015 Round 1

    © Stan Gregory

  10. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    Same awesome Vikey! What time did you post this in your time zone?!
  11. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    Hmmmmm. I think that the first real challenge in this Iron Painter is going to be fitting it into five rounds. We'd have to have every round be a "Challenge the Crowd" round, otherwise I think that we are looking at eight rounds for the number of people currently signed-up.
  12. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    It's a relief, anyway. I might actually be able to finish something this way.
  13. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    Hey Bexley. Been awhile. I hope that all is well. I agreed with you in a different post, but then looked at the dates again. Looks like the rounds are ending on Monday (depending on your time zone, I suppose). Did you get them to change it?
  14. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    Hi Waghorn41! One of the few I remember. I don't think that I'm going to be teaching anyone, anything. I've been out of the hobby for years. I just hope to get past the first round. So what's been going-on in the past two or three years?
  15. Thryth

    Iron Painter 2015!

    Coming out of painting retirement to throw my hat in the ring, and say "I'm in!" I received an email saying that Supervike was back for Iron Painter, so I had to join. Been awhile. I think that I only recognize four of the almost 200 names on the list. Going to have to dig out my paints and hope that they haven't all dried-out. For extra challenge, I won't be available to paint for about 1/2 of the first round, but I guess that's why this is Iron Painter! @Bexley I'm with you. I remember staying-up all weekend to get entries done.