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[RUSSIA][MOSCOW] Malifaux Campaign: Rise of the Syntra 01/02/2017-15/03/2017

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Happy to announce the 6 weeks campaign in Moscow in the hobby сenters Geek Wars and Nastolie. 
Registration will last until the 01/02/2017, but you can also join in the first week.
Henchmans @Stark and @Gambit

Here I'll be post the progress and background.
The group of the campaign: https://vk.com/riseofsyntra

List of participants:

1. Denis  - The Guild Neverborn
2. Larisa - The Guild
3. Roman - Resurrectionists
4. Denis - Neverborn
5. Andrey - Neverborn
6. Anton - Neverborn
7. Mamed - Outcasts (since 2 week)
8. Michail - Neverborn 
9. Andrey - Outcasts
10. Pavel - The Guild
11. Dmitry - Outcasts (since 2 week)
12. Ilya - Neverborn
13. Ilya - The Guild
14. Sergey - Outcasts
15. Michail - Arcanists
16. Artem - 10 Thunders
17. Ivan - Arcanists
18. Alexander - The Guild
19. Dmitry - Gremlins
20. Daniil - Gremlins
21. Konstantin - Arcanists
22. Nikolai - Resurrectionists
23. Vladimir - The Guild
24. Alexey - The Guild
25. Alexander - Arcanists
26. Artem - The Guild (2 week)
27. Dmitry - Neverborn (2 week)
28. Il'ya - 10 Thunders (2 week)
29. Grigory - the Guild (3 week)
30. Varvara - 10 Thunders (4 week)

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At this moment we have 24 participants some of them are already played their games!
The Guild - 7
Neverborn - 4
Outcasts - 4
Arcanists - 3
Resurrectionists - 3
Gremlins - 2
10 Thunders - 1


image (1).png

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Campaign ends!! 



1 Tier:
1. Denis Zolotov - Large mystery box + Small mystery box for best paint + 1st Place Guilder 
2. Roman Andreev - Small mystery box + 2 Guilders + (1 - Champion on second week) + Pale Rider, Zoraida foil card, poster with Sommer (3, 4, 6 weeks Champion)

3. Andrey Chizhov - small mystery box + 1 guilders

2 Tier:
1. Vladimir Sarbeev - Large mystery box + 1 guilder + Hoffman foil card (5 week Champion) 
2. Michail Men'kov - Small mystery box + 1 guilder aaaaaaaaand THE SPECIAL FATE DECK!

Mamed Guseynov - small mystery box for best conversion
Larisa Yakusheva - Lucius foil card (consolation prize)
Every other participant received 1 Guilder.

Look at these amazing people! They passed 6 weeks of the campaign and came to the awarding ceremony (unfortunately only 21 came, but it still impresses!) And there is @Gambit and me)


Winners with their prizes!!


Aaaand group photo of the 21 (!!!!) final Arsenals! That's AMAZING!!




The rest images are here:


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