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  1. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    Stop that Marshall bloke running ranked GG events
  2. Just a place holder for the Christmas story encounter event thing that I'm going to run at Wayland on 3rd December. More details will be forthcoming but suffice to say it will be a single master 100ss pool event (stuff you want to summon MUST be in the pool) and stuff will happen. Tickets will be £10 and all money raised at the event, including 100% of your ticket price will be donated to MIND, you can purchase one here if you are so inclined Last year we did around 40 people and they all seemed to have a good time
  3. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Hope you all had a good time. Seemed to
  4. ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    ITC 2018 tickets will go on sale on 8th September at 8pm UTC Tickets are £125 and will be available at this link http://www.daffcon.info/store/p13/ITC_2018_Team_Ticket.html
  5. UK Nationals 2017

    Yes, at 40 odd people at the moment
  6. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Did you mean to buy 2 tickets because the system only shows 1 Ignore me, found the other ticket
  7. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    Crew boxes all wrapped up. Run out of budget for trophies, but got a laser, time for the MAGE planks of power
  8. IMG_0066.JPG

    From the album General Stuff

  9. General Stuff

    Just bits and pieces of painted faux
  10. IMG_0083.JPG

    From the album General Stuff

  11. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Yes sir
  12. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    BTW Who are you IRL
  13. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Nope, I just need to get my finger in gear and update the list
  14. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    Have had a few enquiries as to when folks can turn up. Feel free to arrive any point after lunch. We just hang out at the house drinking etc. before going down to the hall mid afternoon to set up. The 8pm time is just so that we have a set time that crews will be handed out. Hopefully thats clear. If you need address or my mobile number PM / Tweet / FB message me and I'll let you know
  15. MAGE - 15-16th July 2017

    That looks like an excellent choice. Swapping isn't really allowed but if you can convince me that it will ruin your weekend playing a master then the chances are I will let you trade, mainly because its for funz