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  1. Have had a few enquiries as to when folks can turn up. Feel free to arrive any point after lunch. We just hang out at the house drinking etc. before going down to the hall mid afternoon to set up. The 8pm time is just so that we have a set time that crews will be handed out. Hopefully thats clear. If you need address or my mobile number PM / Tweet / FB message me and I'll let you know
  2. That looks like an excellent choice. Swapping isn't really allowed but if you can convince me that it will ruin your weekend playing a master then the chances are I will let you trade, mainly because its for funz
  3. Afraid I am no longer going to be able to make this event, apologies. Feel free to pass my ticket on to anyone else who wants it
  4. I can open up when I wake so 6am?
  5. Nope, you get what you are given. I won't even know what master box you are picking as they will all be wrapped up
  6. BBQ Friday night as folks arrive for sure. The list of masters you will be playing is Lady Justice Nellie Hoffman Perdita Marcus Mei Feng (Arcanist) Kaeris Colette Du Bois Yan Lo (Resurrectionist) McMourning (Resurrectionist) Seamus Molly Collodi Dreamer Lynch (Neverborn) Lilith Von Schill Jack Daw Parker Burrows Tara (Outcast) Misaki (10T) McCabe (10T) Shenlong Brewmaster (10T) Mah Tucket Zoraida (Gremlin) Ulix Somer Which one are you hoping you get? Which one are you dreading?
  7. Adds name to list
  8. Time to put the pimping thread up for Summer Showdown III. This is a 3 round 50ss GG2017 based event with a relaxed atmosphere and a little bit of banter thrown in. Plenty of prizes and swag plus a few good games with a nice bunch of folks. Held at Wayland tickets are only £10. Venue opens at 10, first game 10.30 and we are normally on our way home by 6. Strats and schemes will be given out on the day. Painted crews are not required though there is a prize for best painted. This time its best painted Master and Totem Pick up a ticket from http://www.daffcon.info/store/p64/Summer_Showdown_III_-_30th_July_2017.html Participants Ben Harris Nick Featherstone Peter Shepard Joel Henry Tim Britton Grant Dickenson William Malcom Joe Wood John Burgess Andy Bradshaw Jeroen Van Riel Rory Carter Lee Battrick Troy Ashdown Tony Fenton Thomas Nickerson Graham Bursnell Jonny Von Woozle Chris Donaldson Marcus Rose Ross Baker Jamie Varney Ben Leslie Rich Keeling
  9. Boards I have so we are all good there.
  10. Yes board games etc. are all part of the experience as well
  11. Only a few weeks to go so a little bit of information for you Crew picking will be done at 8pm on the Friday night. If you aren't going to be there till later don't worry, you just have less time to build your crew. Glue NOT supplied There will be faction acheivements (you need to pick a faction captain ) as well as individual ones and prizes for those who do best. There is a painting prize!!!!!!! but I'm not providing paint or brushes or nothing like that @Clousseau few boxes of terrain would be handy but nothing more than that, no need to ram the car full Game 1 will be at 9.30 on Saturday morning. On Saturday night going to run a poker game. £10 buy in, $1500 in chips, 20 minute levels. Texas Holdem Any other questions?
  12. Thank you James
  13. Happy to announce that the 2nd ITC will be held on 26th-27th May 2018 at the Element Games Centre in Stockport, UK. This is the same venue as the 2017 event was held at. Tickets will go on sale sometime in July and will be initially split into 11 for overseas teams and 12 for UK teams. The remaining ticket will be offered free of charge to the defending champions Team Trump Card. I will give plenty of notice both here and across social media as to the actual release date. A very draft rulespack can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/s/ithylze8xfm8xob/Draft Rules 0.1.pdf?dl=0 and will be finalised before anyone has to put money down. See you in a years time PS could a mod please pin this for me, thanks
  14. Basically wot Larry said. It was a get together with 4 other mates and play some games of Faux. Thats it.
  15. Id do updates on day one. Day 2 i delibrately stopped them as they could give tactical advantage. Streaming was discussed but I dont know enough about it or people who do. Plus what would you stream, general stream of the room, a single table?