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  1. Change of plans means that Mike Marshall and his ++ aren't going to be coming to this now. Feel free to just let others use our tickets
  2. Got the dates wrong, thought this was a Sunday and couldn't go because of the mothers day pass. Obtained said mothers day pass and then discovered that I had just messed up the dates. Will decide today which one I am actually going to go to
  3. It will be a two day event for sure
  4. Same simple answer, No they are not friendly
  5. Simple answer No they are not friendly
  6. 5 tickets sold for this, really only need 1 more and then we are all sorted in a round robin sort of way. My expectation is we will get to 8 or 9 though i would love 12
  7. We did auctions at 4M - my Rasputina Crew for example and made a boatload of money for charity. At the charity event that Kai was involved with it had donation boxes on the tables and you could put a £1 in for 3 +ve flips. This was also very popular. Sure it would take away ranking status but does that really matter?
  8. Results Joel Henry Lukas Rozanski Tim Britton Graham Bursnell Joe Wood Alessandro Zaramella George Hollingdale Ross Baker Jamie Matthews Ben Leslie Lee battrick Luke Cocksedge John Burgess Francois Langton Richard keeling David Williamson Paul Flory Ben Harris Jamie Varney Arran Jones Chris Donaldson Aldus Gash Stuart Snares Marcus Rose Nick Featherstone Tony Fenton Jake Fraser Claire Hearn Tom Nickerson Tom Payne Peter Shepherd Matt Spooner Grant Dickenson Tobias Dracup Will Malcolm Troy Ashdown Rich Bream Jeroen van Riel Andrew Fabian
  9. Thanks for all the feedback so far, appreciate it
  10. Just need to be careful of HMRC
  11. Shussh, Mrs Marshall will pitch a fit
  12. Realised i forgot to add in the spend on name badges / lanyards. May have made a loss then. Don't tell Mrs Marshall will you
  13. Transparency seems good so UK Nationals 120 tickets sold at 40 so £4800 (other 8 were freebies, promotions etc.) Venue and Food is £10 a day so £2560 Poker Chips £646 Fate deck £908 Trophies £450 (including oar and fedex bill for the Wyrd prize support) Printer, printing etc - £75 Total spend £4639 Remainder was spent on travel (getting Aaron from airport etc.) Use my own money for my hotel room, food etc.