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  1. ITC Stuff. If you are a team captain can you please confirm your Team Name for me please. Need it for swag.
  2. Thank you all for coming, hope you all enjoyed it and we will see you again next year
  3. See you all tomorrow, 9.30 start
  4. K, shall we do Saturday night then and book
  5. Dinner at the usual place Friday night?
  6. Paid, love me a story encounter
  7. I suck, sorry
  8. Paid for Matt, Lee and myself
  9. Tickets dont get taken off sale TBH, you can even pay me cash on the day, though if you could purchase before hand it makes it less messy for the accountant. As said above the showdowns tend to be a very friendly affair with a wide range of player skills - we often get people who haven't been to events before and they always say that they've had a great time. Look forward to meeting you
  10. Boo hiss
  11. Thank you Mark. Up to 35 players now
  12. Oh it will definately stay 3 rounds even if we ended up at 60 folks. One we get to those sorts of numbers we (as a community) are going to have to go to 2 day events rather than craming more rounds into a single day
  13. Not really, you going to come along?
  14. Just under two months to go. Went to the venue last weekend and its very nice indeed. Its going to be a lot of fun