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  1. Up to 40 players now, last year we had 18!
  2. No painting requirements
  3. Up to 33 35 players now, not bad at all, better sort some strats and schemes out. If you know someone who wants to come along get them to buy ASAP as will be taking the tickets off sale in the next few days
  4. No sir
  5. Well that was awesome. Thanks to all 3 of my opponents and huge congrats to the great To pairing of Panzer and Bunty. You were great. If you get a chance to go to one of their events then you really should, well worth the trip
  6. Yes sir, still happening
  7. How do i pay?
  8. Paid for Lee, Matt and myself
  9. I missed the off unfortunately
  10. Paid for 3 of us (Lee, Joel and myself)
  11. Not something i could do remotely then
  12. those were the days. Jimmy is pretty easy though
  13. yes he should
  14. First post updated with entrants and the reserve list. If I have missed you then let me know. If you think you have a ticket and aren't on the entry list contact me and we will see whats what
  15. There is a spare ticket for this event if anyone wants it