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Fuhatsu / 35 ss


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At first - Crew: 35 ss:

L: Fuhatsu 

- Recalled training 1

Samurai 8

- Recalled training 1

T Archer 7

T Archer 7

T Archer 7

Monk of Low River 4

Total ss pool: 3

At second - Main idea: mass press of range attacks, based on thematic big guns and japanese steampunk. Monk low-cost tank + make target of mission.



1) Fuhatsu - is only Henchman without special Master. Crew has no perspective for large formats.

2) Samurai - thematically very interesting unit, but his strength does not pay his high cost. Unit for very fun games.

3) Option to replace T Archers to Katanaka Snipers - I do not know who is better. T.A. - very good in range fight, but poor in hth. K.S. - balanced in all, but worse in range.


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