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Escalation League - Outpost Perth Mar 11 - Apr 29

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As a way of trying some new things out and try Malifaux in new and interesting ways I am putting together an Escalation League starting next week. There is no commitment to play every week, just to have some fun playing games of Malifaux.


Where: South Perth Community Centre, cnr Sandgate Street and South Terrace South Perth

When: from 7:15pm onwards on the dates listed below

Cost: Free (apart from normal entry cost to the club)

As this league is an escalation League each week will have a slightly different format (details below).
Every night that you attend goes towards a raffle prize at the end of the league, so the more often you play the more entries you have!

Games during the league must all be played using the same faction, beyond that there are no restrictions beyond those outlined below for each week.

March 11
20ss, Henchmen led crews only, only 1 scheme card flipped, 7VP max
Standard Deployment

March 25
30ss, Henchmen led crews only
Flank Deployment

April 1
30ss, Henchmen or Master led crews
Corner Deployment

April 8
40ss, Henchmen or Master led crews
Standard Deployment

April 22
45ss, Master led crews
Corner Deployment

April 29
50ss, Master led crews
Close Deployment

The fun starts next week!

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