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Malifaux Gaming Comp on the 9th March '14

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Gday Malifaux Players.

I’ll be running a Gaming day at the Hall of Heroes on Sunday the 9th of March.


Hall of Heroes is located:

Address: 60 Queen St, Campbelltown NSW 2560

Phone: (02) 4625 8020


There will be an entry fee of $10pp, with Prizes for 1st and 2nd minimum, and more based of the number of players.


10am registration, with game 1 starting strictly at 10.20am.


Fixed Faction with no crew pools. Wave 1 and 2 available, Avatars from the Beta unavailable.

Wave 2 cards must be the final versions and must be printed; the link for these cards is here:



5 Round Gaming day, with 3 rounds of Hardcore Malifaux, and 2 normal games.


Rules for Hardcore Malifaux games

-25ss Henchman led game.
-Max 4 models per team (so that’s 3 models plus the Henchman)

-Strictly 5 mins to hire and set up and 20 mins to play.

-The game is Turf War and Assassinate only, with Close Deployment. (Max VP 7)

-Scoring TP will be 2/1/0 for Win/Draw/Loss respectively.


Rules for Normal games,

-50ss Master led game.

-10 mins prep time then 110mins game time.

-Game 2 will be Reconnitior (Corner Deployment) and Game 4 will be Squatters Rights (Standard Deployment).

-Schemes pools will be flipped on the day for each round.

-Scoring TP will be the normal 3/1/0 for Win/Draw/Loss respectively.


The scoring format to determine winners will be TP/ DIFF/ VP respectively.


Day Breakdown.
10am               – Registration.

10.20-10.45     – HC Game 1

10.55-12.55     – Normal Game 2

12.55-1.40       – Lunch Break

1.40-2.05         – HC Game 3

2.15-4.15         – Normal Game 4

4.25-450          – HC Game 5

5pm                     Prizes


Looking forward to a fun day of gaming, and of you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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