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Aright? :Translation - Hello, from North London


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Hello folks,


Just realised I hadn't actually made any posts on here in spite of interacting  with people.

So my name's Marc, but you probably guessed that, I'm born and bred and living in North London. (The one in England, sorry Canadians)


I've been into the miniature hobby for far too damned long. 20+ years.


I started way back when with a little game you may have heard of called Rogue Trader, since then I've dabbled and played through various games (In no particular order), 40K, Fantasy Battle, Infinity, Celtos, Confrontation, Hordes, Warmachine mark one and two, I'm pretty sure I've forgotten a few dalliances along the way. Eventually I hit Malifaux back in first edition. Unfortunately I didn't get to play enough, funny how life gets in the way at times. 


So anyway, here I am now, worn and scarred and trying to beat yet another set rules into my weary brain. (Which still pops up odd facts about vortex grenades and digilasers  from time to time)


I've managed to acquire quite a few crews, don't know how to play any of them, but I love the sculpts. The older metals were a lot of fun, but the new plastics are amazing.


Yeah, I'm rambling.


Anyway,  Hi. Say hello back, I'm around quite a lot.




Oh, I should say I do a pod cast called Flock 'n' Awe, it's not malifaux exclusive, it's a little bit of everything. You can check it out here if so inclined :)


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