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Small Error in Final Cards: Bottom of Cards Faction Errors


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I noticed a very small error with the final 10 thunders cards. On the bottom of the some of the cards, they imply dual faction models when they are not, or they show them as only ten thunders. For example, Sensei Yu has the right half of the bottom of his card half green, similar to any of the half-resser Yan Lo cards. I figured we probably want to get those fixed before the actual decks are released. The issues only appear on the bottom of the cards, and all faction symbols seem to be correct. It's a minor issue, but I feel it may as well be addressed. These only matter for the high-res version.


The cards with errors are as follows:

Sidir Alchibal doesn't have the half red color on the bottom of his card (he is dual guild like the rest of Mccabe's crew)

Mr Graves' card doesn't have the half purple gradient on the bottom of his card (he is dual neverborn)

Mr Tannen lacks the half purple gradient as well (also dual neveroborn).

The Shadow Effigy has half of it's botom green as if it's dual resser (he is only Ten Thunders)

The Komainu has half of it's bottom green as if it's dual resser (while it is a spirit, it is still only Ten Thunders)

Sensei Yu has half of his bottom green as if he is dual resser (he is pure Ten Thunders)


Mods, feel free to delete this once it's been fixed, just thought I'd bring the small issue up to attention.

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Yeah I saw this aswell. Easy to fix, a bit odd, but not a problem.


On another note, is there a way to compress the layers on the pdf? So the pages just have an image, rather than the 50 odd images theyre made of. They look great, but there's no reason for it in this stage. Anyone know of an online fix to this? (Some pdf website or something)? 


Didnt mean to threadjack op :P 

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